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BELIMO Automation - Belimo Energy Valve™

Hydraulic Balancing - Flow Rate Regulation - Configuration - Energy-efficient Operation - Energy Valve

The Concept

The unique Belimo Energy Valve™ combines five functions in one valve: Hydraulic balancing, Air bubble-tight shut off, Pressure-independent flow control, Permanent volumetric flow measurement and Energy monitoring.

It is the first valve to show where the energy is going. Energy consumption for heating and cooling is determined on a continuous basis and saved on the web server, integrated in the actuator, for 13 months.

Using a laptop (RJ45 Ethernet interface) or by means of the management system, the values can be viewed, analysed and if necessary optimised on site, directly through the valve.

Technical Configuration

The Belimo Energy Valve™ is a characterised control valve with adjustable flow rate and sensor-operated flow control, as well as a power and energy-monitoring function, 2-way with flange PN16:

  • For closed cold & warm water systems
  • For modulating water-side control of air purification & heating systems
  • Nominal Voltage AC/DC 24V
  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s, TCP/IP, Integrated web server
  • Communication via BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, MP-Bus or conventional control

The Energy Valve™ revolutionises flow rate regulation and hydraulic balancing. With the data recorded for the previous 13 months, the system can be monitored, analysed and optimized for energy-efficient operation.


The Energy Valve™ offers a series of unique advantages:

  • There are low installation costs: all in one rapid, simple installation
  • Expenditure for valve design is considerably reduced because there is no need to calculate the kvs value
  • Hydraulic balancing is considerably simplified, taking 1 person less than 1 minute per line
  • The flow rate is measured electronically on a permanent basis & is immediately adjusted automatically in the event of pressure changes
  • The desired set point is maintained at all times
  • Energy loss caused by energy fluctuations are avoided
  • Operating costs are reduced: saving through energy transparency, pressure-independence & air bubble-tightness
  • The risk of Low Delta T (the most common culprit of major system inefficiencies) is dramatically reduced or eliminated
  • Buildings are able to meet comfort demand with smaller, less expensive piping & equipment

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