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Zip Water Products

Zip Water UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zip Industries, an Australian company that designs and manufactures instant boiling water systems. These are sold in more than seventy countries, where they are specified for use in kitchens, in hospitals, universities, schools and public buildings of every kind, as well as in homes.

Since 1970, Zip has pioneered instant boiling water systems and since 1996, has marketed under-sink systems that not only dispense boiling filtered water but also instant chilled filtered water, instant chilled sparkling water, and additionally (in some models) both hot and cold water – all from a single electronically-controlled tap. The wall mounted Zip Hydroboil models provide between 1.5 and 10.0 litres of instant boiling water and were produced for workplace kitchens, whilst models storing 15 to 40 litres were produced for restaurant, canteen and institutional kitchens needing higher water volumes.

The Zip on-wall range has been refined and expanded since, including the introduction in 2008 of electronically controlled models, Zip Hydroboil Plus, able to maintain boiling water temperature within 0.2°C of set temperature.

Zip Water Products

By 1996, Zip introduced the Zip HydroTap, under-counter filtered instant boiling water systems which also dispensed filtered chilled drinking water from a single touch-button electronic tap – an instant success for workplace and home kitchens in Australia and abroad.

By 2004, the initial Zip HydroTap was superseded by re-designed product engineering and a distinctive lever-action electronic tap offering precise water flow control, safety, and power-saving features, plus a “font” accessory which enabled the tap to be positioned away from any sink, with independent drainage. The new Zip HydroTap proved popular worldwide. It has been improved each year. Models introduced in 2012 provide sparkling chilled and filtered drinking water (in addition to boiling and chilled) from one tap. Another recent Zip innovation, the Zip HydroTap All-In-One, also launched in 2012, gives boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water plus hot and cold water, from a single source and outlet.

2014 saw the launch of the Zip HydroTap G4, the latest in the long line of major product developments and heralded as ‘the world’s most advanced drinking water system’. At the same time all HydroTap and chilled water products have seen their integral filtration upgraded to 0.2 micron, which is arguably the most advanced and practical filtration system available.

In the spring of 2015 Zip introduced a counter mounted boiling water heater range, Red-E-Boil, for those installations where a wall hung, or undercounter unit is not a viable solution.

As well as providing the world leading range of instant boiling water products, Zip UK also offer a full range of chilled water dispensers and a wide range of water heaters, from vented and unvented stored water to the instantaneous InLine range with its exciting and energy saving ‘bare wire’ technology.

In the United Kingdom, Zip has customer service offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Dereham, Norfolk, plus warehousing at Dereham and manufacturing facilities at Southport, Merseyside. In New Zealand, Zip trades as Zenith Heaters, with a customer service office in Auckland. Zip distributors are located in Europe (Germany), South Africa, mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Cyprus, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan and Thailand.

In December 2013, Quadrant PE acquired a majority shareholding in Zip Industries. Quadrant will partner with the existing management team to further develop the Zip brand.

The following BIMs are available to download from Zip Water website:

  • HydroTap G4 at Work
  • HydroTap G4 at Home
  • HydroTap at Work
  • Duo
  • Chilled filtered water
  • Unvented water heaters
  • Tudor II over-sink
  • InLine Instantaneous hot water
  • Wall mounted Instant boiling water
  • AquaFlo II unvented water heater
  • Tudor II undersink water heater
  • Contract II over-sink water heater
  • RCH cistern-type water heater

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