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When Access Matters

Modern, classic designs from JS Air Curtains give evenly distributed curtains of air to save money all year round by reducing heat loss in winter and maintaining an air conditioned summer environment.

JS air curtains help keep shop doors open, increasing sales and profitability by enticing 25% extra custom. And there's a wide range of standard units and sizes available in a variety of colours for virtually any outlet. From the small retailer to general buildings and to large industrial door openings, these attractive units deliver optimum performance and efficient operation, all day every day.

Additionally there are beautifully designed bespoke units, individually crafted to meet architectural designs for prestigious buildings and stores.

Effect Series Air Curtains

The Effect series offers a wide range of application possibilities with five performance stages and unit lengths. They are designed with different heat exchangers adapted to the hot water or electrical networks.

Units are attractively designed without visible screws or rivets and can be installed flush with the ceiling or with sliding supports for quick and easy installation.

The unique lateral deflection plates ensure air filtration at the sides of doorways is kept out. Linea 99 is the ideal low cost solution to keeping shop doors open and saving money from heat loss in winter or cooling loss in summer.

Finesse suspended ceiling air curtain

The Finesse air curtain fits neatly into the suspended ceiling system and is available in electrically heated, low pressure hot water or ambient air models.

The units are very compact in design with a remote 3 speed fan and 2 step heating controller, and incorporate room thermostats or door switches to control the heating output. When the room reaches a set temperature, the room thermostat will switch the air curtain from expelling heated air to an ambient air mode in order to conserve power and maintain a comfortable environment.

The door switch models will automatically operate when the entrance is open eliminating any ingress of cold external air, cost effectively delivering performance when it is most required.

The Finesse Air Curtain has a programmable timer function as well so the user can schedule operation during opening times to ensure the unit is automatically turned on at the beginning of the day and turned off at the end.

SpecialEffect Series Air Curtains

High technical quality and unique features make JS Air Curtains the unique choice for many futuristic retail and office developments. JS link technology to design. The result? Beautifully designed units that enhance and complement the aesthetic look and architectural highlights of any new building or refurbishment.

RotoEffect Series Air Curtains

The RotoEffect range of air curtains operate specifically for all revolving door designs. Three different types, in a variety of sizes are available - units for mounting in front of a revolving door inside the building, units for mounting on top of the door, and units integrated in the roof of revolving doors.

VCP Industrial Series Air Curtains

A wide range of industrial high quality air curtains to combat the high energy losses from production factories and warehouses. When doors and shutters are left open, the demands and running costs of heating and ventilating systems are enormous. These attractive VCP Industrial units can save you money. They can be vertically or horizontally mounted and are powered by either electricity or low pressure hot water to create an energy saving barrier.

Economic A Series Air Heaters

This is an excellent value heating device for storerooms and small shop entrances. It is placed above the door, where it heats the incoming cold air. The Economy A Door Heater helps shopkeepers leave their doors open in the winter, presenting a warm and welcoming invitation to passing customers, whilst maintaining a heated internal temperature. The units are equipped with a main fan on/off switch, as well as a heater on/off. Without the heater turned on it can also be used as a fan to help cool a room in the summer and help keep flying insects out. The built-in thermostat can be used to regulate the temperature within the range 10oC to 40oC. An optional remote control unit is also available that switches the unit on and off.

MiniEffect Series Air Curtains

The MiniEffect is offered in two versions, air only (A) or electrically heated (E). In standard 1 metre and 1.5 metre unit lengths, and finished in white, the tangential fan ensures even air flow across the width to the floor. MiniEffect is the ideal, low-cost option for smaller applications where use of the door is retained.

CoolEffect Aircurtains for Cold and Chill Stores

JS CoolEffect air curtains comprise a plastic coated steel case containing double sided radial fans rated to IP44. Ambient air is drawn into the air curtain through a perforated steel mesh and delivered across the doorway via adjustable louvres giving even and effective air distribution. Stainless steel and insulated cases are also available.

Economic B Series Air Curtains

This is a cost effective air curtain solution that can be supplied with or without a heating feature. This allows the unit to be used to stop draughts and cold air from entering a heated room as well as on cold stores for keeping chilled air inside. Making it ideal for small public entrances, chill stores or storage areas. The unit features adjustable outlet vanes for directional airflow, with a 3 speed integrated or wall mounted controller.

DesignEffect Series Air Heater

This unit can be matched to suit any interior design with the added benefit of including other services like lighting. Any RAL colour can be used either entirely or with individual panels in contrasting colours. Flexible mounting solutions mean that unattractive suspension systems or supply pipes can be concealed.

Multiple units, up to 3m in length, can be seamlessly joined for any width of doorway and controlled via either a standard 3-stage manual controller with thermostat or on hot water units a fully automatic electronic system. There is no air filters required so easy maintenance.

Standesse Series Air Heaters

The range offers elegant designs with the option of a variety of control options to ensure minimal energy costs and maximum functionality. Control options include thermostats, door open sensors, outside temperature sensors and timers. Ideal for retail, hotels, offices and other public buildings. The air only model is also ideal for use on cold stores due to its powerful fan motor.

Up to six air curtains can be joined together and regulated by the same controller.

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JS Air Curtains Product Range

JS Air Curtains Product Range

JS Air Curtains Product Range

JS Air Curtains Product Range

JS Air Curtains Product Range

JS Air Curtains Product Range

JS Air Curtains Product Range

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