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Shutterly Fabulous, UK’s leading high quality plantation shutter specialists. Their "Shutterly Fabulous Shutters" plantation shutters are unrivalled in terms of wood quality, innovation and design. Shutters are an investment and the product and service you receive should reflect the commitment you are making. As one of the only UK companies avoiding mass produced foreign imports, Shutterly Fabulous delivers a high quality custom made wooden interior shutter product that is uncompromised in terms of quality and longevity.

Why Shutters?

Shutters provide a real alternative to curtains or interior window blinds and significantly improve the appearance of your room. Whether you are looking to create a focal point for your room or add a special finishing touch they have a product range that offers something to suit all tastes. Whatever your interior design tastes or living style, shutters look great in all settings. Whether you live in a loft apartment or a country barn conversion, plantation shutters look fabulous. *Over the past 20 years, the shutter market in North America has grown to account for approximately 25% of the window coverings market. Plantation shutters or California interior shutters as they are often referred to, are growing in popularity here in the UK and as such there are now several shutter company's in the UK for you to choose from. So why choose Shutterly Fabulous?

Why Shutterly Fabulous Plantation Shutters?

As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. Shutterly Fabulous are committed to ensuring that you have The very best quality hand crafted "Shutterly Fabulous Shutters" shutters available installed in your home. Choosing plantation shutters ensures that you're getting the best product and craftsmanship available. Unlike most other shutters you find on the internet, Shutterly Fabulous offers a unique plantation shutter product whose design is tried and tested. Don’t follow the crowd, ensure your house is transformed into a Shutterly Fabulous home.

Expert Shutter In Home Consultation

Shutterly Fabulous offers advice on your shutters via e-mail or the phone, but nothing can replace the benefit of having an in-house consultation. As every window or door is different it's important for them to see first hand the opening itself. Everyone has a different reason for wanting internal shutters. Maybe they are looking to gain privacy or protect the room from direct sunlight. Perhaps customers may be looking to have the wooden shutters as a focal point in the room while others are looking for them to be a discreet finishing touch. To ensure that they are designing, manufacturing and installing your shutters to achieve your objective, it's important for a member of their team to visit, to show you the product first hand, and advise you of the different options available.

While other companies may employ commission driven sales staff, our caring and experienced team is focused on designing shutters that look their very best when installed. Our Consultant is responsible for overseeing all pre and post production quality control and directly instructs our Carpenters on the specific nuances of your installation. Whatever shutter design option you choose, Shutterly Fabulous ensures a standard of shutter installation that is second to none.

Wooden Shutters vs MDF Shutters

Shutterly Fabulous HQ Product Range 3As the popularity of shutters has increased, so too has the number of different materials used in shutter manufacture. Wood remains the most popular material being used for wood interior plantation shutters and plantation blinds, however various composite plastics have become available to offer a lower cost alternative. While they continually strive to embrace new techniques and materials in their manufacturing process, the best and most reliable material remains to be wood. You can choose from either of the sustainability sourced woods, Shutterly Fabulous use - Yellow Poplar or Elm, both of which have been proven to be most effective against shrinking or warping. All wood is kiln dried to reduce moisture content, ensuring maximum stabilisation of the wood and the very best shutter finish available. They purchase a top grade lumber, and while there are cheaper wood suppliers out there, the quality of the superior timber ensures your shutters will stand the test of time, and offer the return such an investment deserves. MDF shutters are, in our opinion, awful. They are not painted but instead coated in a plastic. If you’re advised that these shutters would be great for a bathroom, before you make your investment, place a piece of MDF in some water. This will be your MDF shutters after prolonged exposure to moisture. Similarly, if you are assured that your plantation shutters are hardwood, ask for a stained finish. If it can’t be stained, it’s not 100% hardwood. So, don't underestimate the importance of the type and quality of wood used when you're looking to buy your shutters. Paint and stain can conceal a host of blemishes, but over the course of time with daily usage and wear, choosing anything other than the best, can come back to haunt you!


Shutters and frames are subject to a multi-stage paint and stain Process that protects against moisture and damage from the sun's ultra-violet rays. Every part of the shutter panels, frames and hanging strips are coated in a premium UV protective paint or stain which if well looked after will last you a lifetime.

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