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Sound Service Oxford - Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Materials - Acoustic Insulation - Noise Insulation - Acoustic

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd have been supplying soundproofing products and sound insulation materials since 1969. During this time they continue to add to and develop their range of soundproofing materials, resulting in an extensive range of soundproofing products. Their acoustic insulating materials are suitable for soundproofing a room, floors (Acousticel R10), soundproofing walls (Acousticel M20AD), as well as sound insulating machinery, sound insulating motor vehicles and many more potential applications. Sound Service (Oxford) give soundproofing advice for any type of noise problem from noisy neighbours to noisy machinery.

Sound insulating acoustic insulation is available for noisy shower pumps and domestic appliances. No matter what type of noise nuisance you have, we will have the sound insulation solution. We stock and supply acoustic sound absorbing foams, sound barrier mats, soundproofing mats, resilient insulation for floating floors, acoustic insulation for walls including partitioning walls and separating walls. Sound absorbing bass traps, sound absorbing diffusers, anti-vibration materials, soundproofing, sound absorbers, sound screens, acoustic screens, acoustic absorbers, sound insulation for floors and acoustic insulation for floors. Resilient bars for ceilings, acoustic tiles for ceilings and walls, sound absorbing panels for walls, class c sound absorbers for common areas of flats.

M-20 Wall Panels

Ideal for insulating walls separating stairs and hallways where space is a priority. Particularly useful for meeting Part E building regulations for airborne noise control through a wall. A great soundproofing for walls solution.

Acousticel M20 AD is designed to absorb and reduce the amount of airborne noise that penetrate poorly insulated party walls. Easy to fit, this 20mm thick insulation is simply glued to the existing wall coupled with two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard bonded on top and is an easy solution if you are disturbed by noise from your neighbours.

Wallsorption Sound Absorbing Acoustic Wall Panels

Wallsorption sound absorbing acoustic wall panels are a high specification acoustic panel system designed to extensively transform open plan offices, conference suites, studios and interview rooms into workable environments. Supplied with a fabric cover, they are durable, fire resistant, visually pleasing and their sound absorbing qualities offer excellent acoustic performance. We cover these in a recycled fabric.

The Wallsorption panels are finished in a high quality acoustically transparent fabric available in 20 standard colours. We are proud to say this fabric is recycled and is further testament to our commitment to the environment. If required, the panels can also be used for displaying posters as they easily take pins.

Soundproofing Mat

The soundproofing mat is equal to lead of the same mass in effectiveness and acts as a thin de-coupling sound barrier in stud walls, ceilings and timber floors. More effective sound insulation can be achieved when it is used as one layer between two sheets of plasterboard. SBM5 soundproofing mat is a heavy layer mineral loaded soundproofing mat nominally 2mm thick with excellent sound insulating qualities which will give significant sound loss improvements to lightweight structures when used as an acoustic membrane. Also known as sound barrier mat or acoustiblock.

Acousticel R-10 Floating Floor Isolation

Made from a recycled rubber, this sound proofing isolator is engineered to reduce impact noise through a timber separated floor and specifically designed to help bring a timber suspended floor into Part E compliance for separating floors between new flats. Independently tested, this acoustic insulation is the popular choice for all flat conversions and complies with the latest Building Regulation requirements. This unique resilient mat is ideal for soundproofing flooring in existing flats, homes as well as a wide variety of other domestic uses. It can be used to create an independent floating floor to reduce impact and airborne noise nuisance. Made by Isolgomma, Italy it is 100& recycled.

This superb acoustic solution is designed to improve both the impact and airborne noise transfer through floors. The laminated composition provides maximum performance for minimum thickness and combines excellent sound insulation with all the qualities of a good carpet underlay. Quick and easy to install, it is easily cut and shaped. Overall thickness is just 12mm so it minimises the increase in floor level. This is a comparable product to Acoustilay and is often known referred to as Acousticlay.

This product is comprised of an 8mm layer of sound absorbing chip foam bonded to a top layer of 5kg mineral loaded soundproofing mat and a base layer of 3Kg mineral loaded soundproofing mat. The base layer of barrier mat is designed to seal and dampen the sound coming through the floor, the isolated top layer of barrier mat reduces the sound penetration both ways and the sound absorbing chip foam core dramatically absorbs and reduces impact noise transfer. QuietFloor can be bonded to concrete floors to meet the new Approved Document E Building Regulations for impact noise and is ideally glued down using our special spray adhesive. We also advise incorporating it with the steps and risers of communal stairs to comply with the latest Document E requirements for noise control.

QuietBoard Acoustic Flooring is constructed from two well-established building materials - wood particles and cement. A revolutionary, waterproof, cement impregnated high-density acoustic floor panel designed to improve the absorption of airborne noise transfer through separating floors. QuietBoard installed over the top of Acousticel R10 resilient insulation provides a very efficient and stable floating floor. Cement impregnated chipboard is now specified as the best material for this application in the Approved Document E . It is quick to install and is easily cut to size, QuietBoard is a very dense product, light grey in colour and both faces have a hard smooth flat surface. They are non-toxic, contain no flammable materials and generate no toxic fumes during combustion.

Our white Acoustic Sealant is a one-part Fire Retardant Water-based Acrylic Sealant. Exhibiting a good adhesion to a wide variety of common building substrates without the need for a primer. It can be painted with emulsion paints three hours after application. When subject to flame our sealant will intumesce (expand and char), thus blocking the passage of fire and smoke. Our Acoustic Sealant is recommended for the perimeter sealing of floors and in between the joists before installing our flooring products. This seal makes the floor more airtight thus helping the main soundproofing products being installed on top.

Melamine Acoustic Foam

Melamine’s low density and flexibility provide a practical material, convenient to handle, easy to cut and install, either to original equipment or on-site projects. This outstanding versatility, coupled with choice of complimentary acoustic materials, e.g. damping sheets, barriers and facings, allows Melamine foam to be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications where superior reverberation control is required.


Since wood is a natural product, our Woodsorption range of acoustic wood panels creates a naturally aesthetic solution to noise control. The unique features of these sound absorbing wood panels give a warm organic appearance offering a finish to compliment any area. Surface choices include real wood veneers, wood print laminates and paint finished timber sound absorbing panels.

Woodsorption panels are suitable for almost every application including use in schools, studios, reception areas, lecture theatres, offices and commercial buildings. Woodsorption panels are exceptionally durable and abuse resistant making them particularly appropriate for areas that may require a high degree of impact resistance such as sports and recreation halls, police interview rooms, court rooms, offices, reception areas, factories and workshops.

Woodsorption sound absorbing panels consist of a finishing surface, base core board and black acoustic fleece backing. The base core board is 18mm thick MDF sheet with a finish laminated to its front face and black acoustic fleece adhered to its rear face. Woodsorption panels are manufactured with tongue and groove joints. Thanks to the precision of the tongue and grooves a perfect finish is achieved when Woodsorption panels are installed.

Echosorption Plus

Echosorption Plus also referred to, as Echosorption II are stick-on acoustic tiles, which are extremely lightweight and easy to install.

These sound absorbing tiles provide a higher sound absorption performance. Echosorption Plus acoustic tiles are particularly effective at reducing reverberated noise. Their ease of application and durability make them a popular choice for schools, offices, sports halls, music studios, lecture theatres, multi-purpose halls, interview rooms and shooting ranges. At only 30mm thick, these improved sound absorbing Class 0 non-flammable sound absorbing tiles are ideal for fitting to ceilings with minimum loss of height.

The panels are made up with a sound absorbing acoustic mineral wool core faced with a highly efficient sound absorbing painted surface. The tile is laminated to an aluminium foil backing to enhance stability. The edges of each tile are chamfered so no jointing strips are necessary.

Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic Plasterboard is high in mass and this helps absorb sound energy, giving enhanced acoustic performance to the wall & ceiling. Click the link above to see the product and it's benefits.

PART E Compliant

As they are also a Class 'C' absorber they are also suitable for the ceilings of stairways and other common ceiling areas within flats to comply with the latest Building Regulation requirements for sound absorption and for reduced reverberated noise.

Legislation has now been introduced to control noise and reverberated sound in schools and other public buildings as described in Building Bulletin 93 (BB93( as Part E of the Building Regulations.

The Approved Document E also contains guidance on the installation of sound absorbing insulation to common areas of buildings such as found in flats. The easiest way to comply with these new rules is to fit a Class C performance sound absorber on the ceilings of these areas. The requirement is to fit a Class C sound absorber to cover an area of not less than 50% of the ceiling area in the common area of all floors including stairways.

Environmental Information

The quilting used in this product is a glass mineral wool product, manufactured from silica sand, the Earth's most abundant naturally occurring mineral. Glass mineral wool is one of the most environmentally friendly insulation materials. Inorganic and completely inert, over 70% of the raw material used in the production cycle are recycled. This process does not include the use of CFCs, HCFCs or other environmentally damaging gases.

Acoustic Membrane, an innovative material utilises nano vacuum technology, synthetic rubber and special fillers producing a revolutionary acoustic membrane. The Acoustic Membrane is only 1.2mm thick and provides minimum loss of room space for maximum noise reduction.

This award winning product is only 2Kg/ m² and it’s easy to handle and carry. Work on soundproofing a ceiling can now be carried out by a single person as the roll is simple to work with making for a quick, easy, home improvement product.

The Acoustic Membrane easily folds and bends round corners and edges to protect against flanking sound. Not only is it versatile it boasts a very high Performance noise reduction of (22dB Rw) for minimal thickness and is well in excess of Part E of the Building Sound Regulations when used in conjunction with other materials. The Acoustic Membrane Complies with BSEN ISO 140.

Our Acoustic Laminate Underlay is designed specifically to reduce the impact noise (walking/footfall) creating when walking on a laminate, engineered wood and solid timber floors. When you walk on these surfaces a large amount of impact as well as airborne noise is created (due to the hard surface) this can often be a nuisance to the people living below.

The Laminate Underlay is made up of a 4.2mm layer of high density resilient rubber sponge with a foil faced moisture barrier laminated to one side. It can be easily cut with a knife or scissors and if used in conjunction with our soundproofing mats it will provide both impact AND airborne noise reduction through the floor with minimal height rise.

Down lighters in ceilings are widely used in commercial buildings. Each ceiling is subject to fire regulations and where applicable the ceiling construction needs to be fire rated.

However, once a hole has been made in the ceiling for a down lighter, the integrity of the construction along with it's ability to perform in the event of a fire can be reduced significantly. To combat this we have introduced an Acoustic Fire Hood to maximum protection for holes created by the introduction of a down lighter and to allow for maximum ease of fitting.

In the event of a fire, the Acoustic Fire Hood cover expands internally to fill all the available space with a highly insulating fire resistant char. Thus, the fire is unable to penetrate the hole and the cover is able to give additional insulation protection to the ceiling void, reducing the chance of heat build up and ignition of flammable materials such as accumulated dust and other insulation methods. These Acoustic Fire Hoods are available in many sizes to suit the varying cut out space.


Acoustic Performance

Weighted Impact Sound Improvement Index (Delta Lw) 27dB!!

This is a substantial improvement in impact noise transfer over not having an acoustic underlay and if soundproofing mats are used in conjunction as well then this figure would increase.

Sone Wood/Laminate Flooring Test

Drum sound emission (Overall loudness) - Typical 2.5mm PE Foam=77 Sone - this product tested at only 53 Sone!!

Door Seal Kits

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd sells a range of simple to install door kits.

This seal kit is designed to increase the rating (up-rate) of a fire door using a range of non rebated seals that are fitted around the head, jam and threshold of the door. A soundproofing mat is then adhered to the door and the client then wood panels over it. The seal kit should up rate the door by approx 35 db.

This seal kit is almost identical to seal kit 1 and is designed to up-rate a fire door using a range of non rebated seals that are fitted around the head, jam and threshold of the door. An additional seal is used to run down the meeting area where the two doors meet allowing a tight seal to be made. A soundproofing mat is then adhered to the door and the client then wood panels over it. The seal kit should up rate the door by approx 35 db.

Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd - What We Do

We can provide materials, products and assistance for a diverse range of noise reducing applications.

Our Materials include:

  • Absorption foams
  • Sound Barrier materials
  • Insulation foams
  • Vibration damping materials
  • Duct lagging materials
  • Acoustic sound absorbers

Our Products include:

  • Ceiling and wall panels etc, for architectural applications
  • Office partitioning screens for increased privacy and high sound absorption
  • Industrial sound absorbing panels
  • Noise absorbent panels for professional or home recording studios etc.
  • Acoustic doors
  • Acoustic door seal kits
  • Soundproofing for floors
  • Soundproofing for walls
  • Soundproofing for ceilings
  • Class C sound absorbers

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