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WLS - Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems - CCTV Systems - Door Entry Systems - Intruder Alarms - Camera Surveillance Security


West London Security Limited (WLS) was established in 1983, and holds the industry’s highest quality standard, NSI Gold. We are approved for design, installation and maintenance of electronic security systems and have over 25 years experience specializing in access control, door entry and CCTV systems in and around central London. Our services also include fire systems, intruder alarms and gate automation & barriers.

Our systems have been installed at numerous prestige sites, including some major London private hospitals and banks. Access control installations can range from a single door to a system controlling hundreds of doors, lifts and turnstiles, and can incorporate CCTV cameras at the point of access. Different sites can also be controlled from a central location over the internet.

Access Control Systems

An access control system limits access through controlled doors or turnstiles to authorised personnel. West London Security is expert at installing the latest access control systems and have worked with all sizes of client and on all types of job, installing and maintaining anything from a simple one-access point solution to multi-entry access control systems linked to a central monitoring station at big hospitals and commercial sites.

There are two main technologies available:

  1. Card & fob access control systems
  2. Biometric access control systems using fingerprint or retina readers

Each system is unique to the premises it’s installed at. West London Security works carefully with each client to install a security system tailored to your specific needs, including standard access control gates or complete turnstile systems, ideal for office receptions. As with all our security options, we offer attractive leasing finance.

CCTV Systems

West London Security works with clients to provide the optimum security solutions using the latest developments in CCTV technology.

IP-based CCTV and digital storage

IP (internet protocol) based network CCTV systems turn CCTV images and audio into digital data and use corporate internet connections to connect seamlessly with business IT networks. It is easier to scan through CCTV recordings at the click of a button, helping to identify security incidents quicker and more accurately. With IP CCTV systems, multiple cameras and premises can be linked to central control rooms, and the amount of data you can transmit is only restricted by your internet bandwidth. They are easy to link and use less cabling than analogue systems.


HD CCTV provides better images making the CCTV operative's job much easier. Significantly, high definition imagery means CCTV footage is also much more likely to be accepted as evidence in court. When used, it helps lead to more convictions.

For the best results HD CCTV cameras should be paired with HD TV monitors and West London Security is a registered Mobotix dealer.

Advanced CCTV detection & Tracking Software

While HD imagery is incredibly important, security incidents also need to be identified. While this used to be a manual, labour-intensive task, these days sophisticated analytics software can identify and track suspected security incidents.

Latest innovations include 'face in a crowd' facial recognition, and 'tag and track' systems, where individual CCTV cameras are warned to look out for suspects tagged with information about their size, appearance and even the way they walk.

NPR and Access Control Integration

West London Security can also install advanced number plate recognition (NPR) systems. These can be integrated with access control systems to only let authorised vehicles through automated gates or barriers.

Door Entry Systems

West London Security has been fitting, maintaining and repairing quality door entry systems for 30 years. We’re a long established approved installer for leading door entry manufacturers BPT. We’re also approved installers of quality Aiphone and Comelit security products and have worked on every kind of premises and configuration.

Door Entry System Options

The most basic door entry systems simply allow speech between someone wanting to gain access through a controlled door and a person inside the building, who can then admit the caller by pressing a button. There are several other options, however, depending on your exact requirements:

  • Video door entry systems
  • Porters’ switchboards
  • PSTN door entry systems
  • IP and access control integration
  • Further options

Intruder Alarms & Systems

West London Security's hi-tech systems seamlessly integrate with other security devices to provide a complete security solution for your premises. They systems are installed and maintained in banks, schools, hospitals and business premises throughout London as well as in private homes.

They use the latest intruder alarm technology to design the most effective security solution for you. This could include:

  • GPRS monitoring
  • Proximity token control
  • Wireless and radio-based systems

WLS's full list of products and services include:

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Door Entry Systems
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Automated Gates
  • Satellite TV
  • Fire Systems
  • Biometric Access Systems

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