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Carlo Gavazzi UK - Energy Management/Building Automation

Energy Management Software - Meters - Building Automation - Power Analyser - Temperature/Humidity - Lighting Sensors/PIR - Photovoltaics - MID

Optimise your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint with an adaptable flexible solution

Carlo Gavazzi offers energy management solutions which provide a transparent view of your organisation’s energy consumption with accurate measurements and monitoring of your energy usage.

The VMU-C and VMU-Y energy platforms have proved to be significant solutions when you need to manage and integrate data from either single or multiple sites to ensure maximum energy efficiency. The VMU-C EM gathers the data from up to 32 energy meters, power analysers and VMU Series I/O modules on a single installation for viewing on any PC. Acting as a gateway to other self-contained solutions, many companies find it easier and financially more viable to commit to a single capital expenditure, eliminating ongoing hosting costs. The VMU-Y allows the user to aggregate information from up to 10 VMU-C EM units within a single centralised interface. This effectively allows you to monitor up to 320 meters and access the information from any PC using a standard web browser.

Our unrivalled family of easy to install DIN rail/panel mount single and three phase energy meters meet all the latest requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and resolve the issues with monitoring energy usage laid out in part L2 of the Building Regulations. The range starts from an ultra-compact DIN-rail mounted, single phase 32A energy meter, providing both active and reactive energy metering and cost allocation functions, up to a three phase energy analyser offering built-in hot/cold water, gas and remote heating measurements and load monitoring.

Touch screen technology is now available on all our meters which makes standard user operations such as page scrolling, programming and parameter checks not only simpler, but faster; as well as being easy to read, avoiding any mechanical issues normally associated with using traditional keypads.

EM21-72V is designed specifically for retro-fit applications. Current measurements can be carried out by means of the external miniature split core current sensor which restricts the voltage to the meter to 0.333V, making it a favourable solution for the installer.

Reduce Cost of HVAC Install with Dupline®

Dupline® offers a realistic alternative to traditional parallel wiring by allowing field devices to be connected together on a simple 2 wire bus network. Reducing the installation cost by as much as 50% makes it a very competitive solution for your larger BMS applications.

As well as saving on the install cost, the design and commissioning process becomes much simpler because of the implementation of a 2 wire bus. The bus itself allows free topology and the use of any cable, for example unshielded cable can be used without fear of difficulties.

A wide range of field devices are available for picking up signals in the field including temperature, humidity and CO2 together with relay and analogue output modules.

Dupline® is the ultimate remote I/O for your BMS controller. You can implement the strategy in the BMS controller in the same way as you do now, but all the points from the field are presented to you as BACnet objects from the Dupline®/BACnet gateway. Applications for Dupline® are generally where the I/O points are distributed over a wide area and are of low density. HVAC, under floor heating, natural ventilation and alarm point monitoring are good examples, but there are also opportunities for reducing costs within lighting control and energy monitoring and control.

The SB2WEB Dupline® Controller can manage up to 7 Dupline® networks each managing more than 400 data points. In addition to this, up to 32 energy meters can be connected via Modbus. Energy meter variables are also presented to the BMS system as BACnet objects.

A DALI Gateway is now available for the Dupline® system making it possible to offer lighting control and/or integration with HVAC applications.

The Dupline® network is flexible, modular and fully expandable and requires no special cable. A standard unshielded 16 AWG cable can be used up to 3 miles long without repeaters. Bus and power cables can be run next to each other without fear of interference. The system can easily be expanded by simply adding the required modules on to the bus, therefore last minute changes are easily accommodated. The SB2WEB BACnet Controller makes it freely compatible with new and existing building automation systems and eliminates the need for expensive home runs, saving you money on wiring and installation costs against traditional device to DDC solutions.

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