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TheisCraft - Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control - BREEAM - Modular Wiring 2 - MDB Systems - EmergiCraft DALI

TheisCraft manufactures and supplies lighting control (smart lighting) products, modular wiring solutions and emergency lighting to commercial and high-end residential sectors.

In today’s demanding building and construction market, the need for expert lighting control has never been more important. Building Regulations, BREEAM and green credentials dictate that consideration is given to energy conscious lighting and energy proven control.

Commercial Lighting Controls

Fully addressable and networkable industry leading RAPID meets the most demanding lighting control and energy management applications cost-effectively.

Control your lighting environment to ensure the building is as energy efficient as possible whilst providing a comfortable and efficient environment through use of daylight linking, presence/absence detection, scene setting and fully addressable DALI/dsi or 1-10v dimming.

The new Cloud-based Tablet Control has been designed in response to the increasing demands from clients for wireless WiFi tablet-based control of their lighting by mimicking the ability to turn lights on and off, up and down and call scenes and individual lighting circuits and channels.

Architectural Lighting Controls - ARCHIE

From boutique hotel lobby, intimate restaurant, high-end residences to corporate HQ boardrooms, our ARCHIE range provides ultimate flexibility and control, enabling you to personalise the lighting to create visual impact which supports your client’s corporate brand style, values and personality.

Human Centric Lighting

Tunable White (Human Centric Lighting) balances the artificial light in our daily environment to simulate the natural daylight cycle. A person’s natural circadian rhythm can benefit from a low intensity warmer light in the morning/evening and a cooler more energising light during the main part of the day. This helps to improve energy levels, mood, performance and even a better night’s sleep.

Tunable White provides improved well-being for patients in hospital, students in education and employees in offices by varying the colour temperature to any value, which makes it the next most exciting technology in lighting control.

DALI Pluggable MDB Systems - New

DALI64 and DUAL DALI64 (128) pluggable MDB systems are now available from us, so you can specify a modular wiring system with MDBs and plug in either one or two DALI 64 modules at any time from the start of the installation, or at a future date.

So the first truly pluggable DALI modular system has arrived! The new DALI switch interface features seven volt-free switch inputs that can be activated by the contact closure of push-buttons, switches or relays. Activating an input causes the unit to transmit a scene, raise or lower light levels and communicate with the DALI system.

EmergiCraft DALI Emergency Monitoring System

A stand-alone scalable emergency self-test monitored addressable system capable of monitoring DALI emergency fittings via an iPad™ app and run on one or more devices. Each tablet can run up to 10 hubs and each hub can run 2 x 64 DALI emergency fittings. This means a total of 1,280 DALI emergency fittings from one touchscreen and a total of 8 touchscreens can be networked together giving 10,240 DALI emergency fittings. For more information, please contact our technical department.

Modular Wiring 2 - New for 2018

We are about to launch an exciting new modular wiring system which will encompass modular wiring with a new range of circular 32A connectors along with interchangeable panels that accommodate DALI control products. The design will allow for greater flexibility to have any size and number of circuits for both lighting and power configurations.

Home runs typically wired in 2.5mm², 4.0mm² or 6.0mm² BASEC approved cables. Armoured leads, extender cables, switch fuse spurs are pre-wired and tested at our factory in Surrey then supplied tamper proof to site where its plug-and-play format makes it quick and easy to fit, improving onsite efficiency and providing cost benefits.

Lighting Control

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