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PMA UK - Cable Protection & Management Systems

Multi Layer LSF - High Impact Flexible Conduits - Fittings/Accessories Self Extinguishing

There is No Better Reference than Satisfied Customers

PMA, now a member of the ABB Group, has been developing, producing and selling top-quality cable protection systems since 1975. Our high quality Swiss products have rapidly earned us an excellent reputation worldwide and established us as the market leader.

Serving the UK’s rail, construction, automation, energy and power sectors, PMA’s product range includes nylon cable protection systems, which are proving hugely popular for their strength, resistance and ease of installation.

Internationally we have recognised the importance of reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes and as a result implemented systems to monitor our efforts. What is more, we are always identifying issues and inventing products to address these in a bid to make your life that bit easier, and keep us ahead of the game.

Unique Benefits

  • 33 different types of conduit: light to heavy, flexible to highly flexible, conduit size from Ø 6mm to 125mm, mono-layer & multilayer
  • A safe, reliable system that is easy to install
  • Vibration proof connectors
  • Conduits specially approved, e.g. CSA, UL Recognition, NFR, SNCF, DB

Conduits to Protect Humans & Cables

  • PMAFLEX Pro – conduits for previously unattained performance levels
  • PMAFLEX Multilayer – conduits (X-Series) based upon advanced multilayer extrusion technology allowing the manufacture of three layer corrugated conduits combining the best characteristics of different materials on inner & outer layers
  • PMAFLEX – offers mono-layer conduits for demanding technical applications
  • PMA Divisible system – divisible conduits for repairs, retrofit & pre-loomed applications
  • PMA Smart Line – conduits with an excellent price / performance for various applications
  • NEW Fire Barrier Solutions – single & double-sided fire barrier solutions for cable protection systems
  • NEW Light Rail Portfolio – with PLR conduit

Connector Range with Patented Safety Clip System

  • IP69K - Highest sealing through a fully closed system
  • IP68GT - Single piece fitting with integrated sealing cap and pre-installed locking clip. Simple push-in assembly (as with the proven IP66 system)
  • IP68 – Recommended for the highest dynamic applications. Fits any type of conduit profile (T&G) with excellent pull-out strength
  • IP66 - One piece, easy push-in installation with pre-installed safety clip. Re-opening for safety reasons only possible with a screwdriver

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