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EURO-DIESEL UK - Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Rotary Dynamic No-Break Uninterruptible Power Supplies - DRUPS - UPS

Secure Clean Reliable Power from EURO-DIESEL....

Based in the heart of Europe, EURO-DIESEL is headquartered in Liège, Belgium, and has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, USA, France, Singapore, Brazil, Qatar, Turkey, Mexico and Russia. We operate on a global basis directly with end users and specifiers as well as a network of distributors and representatives in order to maintain contact with customers and to deal with their requirements efficiently.

We manufacture Diesel Generator Sets and a unique design Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply. The NO-BREAK KS® is used to secure and protect critical equipment from mains disturbances and interruptions. Our UPS product line includes ranges from 100 to 3000kVA in any configuration to suit Tier I to Tier IV classifications.

The latest innovation in UPS technology is the NO-BREAK KS®7e. At up to 3000kVA it is the most compact (m²/kVA) UPS on the market today.

EURO-DIESEL has modern manufacturing and testing facilities, staffed by a dedicated and expert workforce. We put emphasis on building robust, reliable products and are ISO9001:2008 certified.

Compact Size

  • The smallest footprint on the market
  • Lower building costs & maximised space planning
  • Largest range of architectures & system options at LV & MV

High Overall Efficiency & Performance Characteristics

  • No batteries, external rotating source, capacitor banks, inverters, rectifiers or transformers needed
  • Natural cooling

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Reduced maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) due to the simple design

Intrinsic Reliability due to Simple Design & Lowest Component Count

High Performance Electrical Characteristics

  • Best voltage regulation & harmonic filtration
  • Highest harmonic (crest factor) acceptance & high peak currents (up to 20x)
  • Power factor improvement (cos Ø=1) as part of the unique inherent design
  • Reduced voltage distortion in case of upstream or downstream short circuit

Completely Brushless & Ringless Clutch Design

  • Lubrication & maintenance free

Extended Bearing Lifetime

  • Low rotational speed & reduced maintenance

Unique Starting Feature

  • Redundant starting system, guaranteeing the engine will start even if the engine batteries or starter are inoperative

Rigid Assembly (Monobloc Design)

  • System delivered as ready assembled for easy delivery & installation
  • Engine & stato-alternator pre-aligned in factory
  • No complex alignment or possible misalignment issues on site

With the introduction of KS-VISION® for all of its NO-BREAK KS® systems, EURO-DIESEL can offer class leading control and monitoring as standard. The HMI is simplicity itself for the operator to not only control the NO-BREAK KS® systems, but also to instantly retrieve and review historical system information as well as critical events.

A master control panel is not required, saving additional space and interfacing requirements providing the advantage of enhanced resilience, no single point of failure and robustness with a EURO-DIESEL installation.

  • Touch screen HMI
  • Ethernet link with a network or PC
  • Dynamic IP address for external WEB based connectivity
  • USB plug-in for downloads of events history & data logging
  • Automatic recognition of single or parallel configuration
  • Intelligent diesel start reduction & ride through
  • Peak-shaving & STOR/FDCM/FFR economy options
  • Energy saving features in conditioning mode

At EURO-DIESEL we pride ourselves on making the largest and smallest rating Diesel Rotary UPS systems in the market and also in providing tailored turnkey solutions. This gives the security to the user of only dealing with one company for the design, manufacture, installation, testing and servicing of the UPS system for their critical loads.

  • Single, parallel redundant, dual bus & IP Star or IP Ring system architecture
  • Low & medium voltage solutions
  • Building & containerised solutions

Features & Benefits

  • Highest system efficiency
  • Simple & smart design – reduced components
  • Modular & scalable architecture
  • Smallest footprint
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • No batteries or separate power storage, infinite autonomy
  • Redundant start
  • 100% UPS availability
  • No waiting time to recharge the batteries
  • Resilient system capable of handling mechanical loads
  • No air-conditioning requirements, saving energy
  • Highest reliability
  • No power electronics – rectifiers or inverters
  • Regulation of output voltage
  • Reduction of harmonics <2% THD
  • Protection against voltage spikes & fluctuations
  • Improved input power factor to unity
  • 3x input short circuit capacity
  • Up to 20x output short circuit capacity

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