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Emergi-Lite - Emergency Lighting / Fire Detection

Emergency Lighting - Self Contained Luminaires - Central Battery Systems - Fire Detection

Emergi-Lite Safety Systems

As a renowned manufacturer of innovative emergency lighting, fire detection, alarm systems and safety equipment, Emergi-Lite Safety Systems has served the safety market in the UK for two decades.

Emergency Lighting

  • Emergency Luminaires (LED & Fluorescent)

    A comprehensive range (exit sign and surface/recessed products) is available for any application, from hospitals and schools to warehouses and offices.
  • Serenga 2 LED Emergency Lighting

    Serenga is a stylish, recessed or surface high performance emergency lighting solution. It is designed to provide illumination with models for use up to 12m above floor level. Escape route and open area applications are catered for.
  • Guide-Way

    A new and highly versatile LED emergency lighting range, available in two size formats for escape routes with medium to low ceiling heights.
  • Horizon Low Energy, High Output Lighting

    A cost efficient, low energy LED exit sign and emergency luminaire range, combining enhanced light optics and modular design for easy installation and harmony across the entire design scheme.
  • Aqualux Heavy Duty, High Output Lighting

    Aqualux is a high performance, heavy duty product line designed to deliver exceptional light output and excellent spacing, even in large scale open areas such as warehouses, car parks and sports halls.
  • Escape line - LED Emergency Lighting

    An LED range, with product variety that covers both general emergency illumination and escape route sign requirements.
  • Testing Systems

    Naveo is an internet based, addressable central testing system of extensive capability (backward compatible with ‘Centrel’). IR2 Infra-red testing suite is safe, fast and easy to use. It is a cost effective solution for maintenance and offers a simple walk test procedure via a hand held transmitter or handset.
  • Central Battery Systems

    Emergi-Lite manufactures both AC/AC and AC/DC central battery products. EMEX Power is the advanced range of modular AC/AC static inverter ranges, which can also be supplied with the EMEX Test testing system.
  • Conversion Services

    Emergi-Lite manufactures inverters and chargers kits, including the IK intelligent kit for mains lighting conversion. Expert conversion work, registered under ICEL 1004 is fully guaranteed and CE marked.

Fire Detection Systems

  • Conventional 4-wire & 2-wire Fire Detection Panels

    Firetec FKE is available for either 2-wire or 4-wire applications, with 2-8 zone panels, offering an effective fire safety solution for smaller to medium sized premises.
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Systems

    With enhanced capabilities for installations where extra intelligence and flexibility are required, Emergi-Lite provides analogue addressable fire systems with an array of user and installer-friendly features. Systems are available in the Anatec range with extensive networking, complex sounder and control functions.

Support, Maintenance & Technical Literature

  • Scheme Design

    Expert assistance is available in emergency lighting and fire alarm scheme design to the latest British Standards. Emergi-Lite is accredited for the design, supply and commissioning of fire detection and alarm systems (BAFE SP203-1) and emergency lighting (BAFE SP203-4).
  • Maintenance Support & Servicing

    From commissioning new systems to servicing existing ones, full sales and technical support is provided to ensure full working order within appropriate British Standards.
  • Renowned Publications

    Emergi-Lite publications include the Emergency Lighting product catalogue, Emergency Lighting Guide - an authoritative guide to emergency lighting systems and design techniques and Log Books for both Emergency Lighting and Fire Detection.

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