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The main characteristic of the MNS R switchgear is the rear connection for the power cables; this design has an impact on the dimensions of the switchgear by reducing its total width.

The ideal application of the MNS R is as a Power Centre for energy distribution; it is possible to reduce the overall dimensions by installing more than one ACB in the same column without reducing the type tested performance. Access to the power cables is by doors that can be either hinged or unhinged depending on the space available in the Switch Room.

Additionally, the MNS R can be used as a Motor Control Centre containing withdrawable, removable or fixed modules for the motor feeders including variable speed drivers; this is the best solution to optimise the plant process and increase the energy efficiency.

The MNS R also has the capability to include both Power Centre and Motor Control functions in one combined switchboard.

MNS 3.0

MNS 3.0 is suitable for all applications such as steel plants, paper mills, chemical, oil and gas, power plants, platforms and anywhere the requirement is to guarantee the maximum safety standards, together with plant availability, maintenance simplicity and minimum dimensions.

Power and control cables, along with all the operational functions, are accessible from the front of the switchboard, allowing the MNS 3.0 to be installed against the wall.

Vertical distribution busbars are encapsulated inside the multifunction wall that segregates the phases to create a fault free zone and guarantees the IP2X protection when the drawers are removed. Additionally, modules can be both added and withdrawn under controlled safe working live conditions, making the MNS 3.0 suitable for all critical power applications.


MNS iS is the first innovative “intelligent” Motor Control Centre; it has been developed using the latest technologies and is designed to be integrated into the supervision and control systems that manage the modern production plants.

Current and voltage measuring are performed by sensors instead of traditional transformers. Inside the switchgear is the concentrator MLink, the connection point with the external supervision and control systems using the communication protocols like ModBus and Profibus.

With the software package named MService, it is possible to increase the availability of the system due to the proactive maintenance which means scheduling the maintenance activity according the real needs of the components.


Based on the MNS 3.0 design, key to the success of the ABB PDU is the flexibility it provides to the Data Centre Operator by allowing Single Pole Solid Neutral (SPN), Single Pole Switched Neutral (SPSN), 3 or 4 pole modules of different current ratings to be mixed and matched in the same PDU. The safe working whilst live removes the need to power down even when adding, removing or extending the number of outgoing ways. When the process of the Data Centre changes, the PDU has the ability to change with the process; this flexibility provides huge operational cost savings.

ABB PDUs have been in service for over 25 years and during this time they have been re-configured to meet the ever changing needs of the Data Centre Operator.

Sub Distribution

ABB is completing its portfolio with sub distribution switchboard solutions designed to optimise cost and dimensions for all the lower performance requirements.

Package Substations

ABB places particular emphasis on packaging the key elements of an installations power requirement such as MV Switchgear, Transformers and LV Switchgear. By utilising low energy and compact devices housed in systems that are tried and tested to the latest national and international standards, ABB can offer solutions to meet the most stringent of power requirements including Packaged and Containerised solutions.

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