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Piller UK - Rotary & Diesel Rotary UPS

Diesel Rotary UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies - Compact High Efficiency - Medium Voltage

Piller Solutions

As the only company in the world manufacturing both rotary and static UPS technologies, Piller has the flexibility to configure any of its wide range of power protection, switching and conversion products to meet the precise requirements of our clients.

Rotary Product Offerings

Piller’s rotary UPS solutions are built around the renowned UNIBLOCK™ system delivering outputs from 150 kVA to 50 MVA in both independent and diesel-based configurations with a range of energy storage options. The latest evolution, the UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ offers over 97% efficiency, the highest levels of reliability and versatility making it ideal for new and existing installations utilising RUPS, DRUPS and DeRUPS™ topologies.

Piller also offers the POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy storage system, a vertically-mounted flywheel which is electrically connected to the UNIBLOCK™ providing the longest ride-through times available in the industry today. The unique operation of this device results in unparalleled performance in terms of frequency stability whilst minimising the frequency of diesel engine starts when deployed in a DRUPS or DeRUPS™ configuration.

Rotary Product Range

  • UBT+ 560 kW to 2,700 kW RUPS
  • UBTD+ 560 kW to 2,700 kW DRUPS/DeRUPS™
  • UBR 150 kVA to 1,300 kVA Hybrid RUPS

Energy Storage Options

  • Battery (typically 5-30 minutes)
  • POWERBRIDGE™ Kinetic energy storage (6-21 MWSecs)
  • Diesel Engine (in either DRUPS or DeRUPS™ configuration)

Innovative Configurations

In addition to the standard industry solutions providing resilience with N+1, 2N, N+N etc topology, Piller offers some unique alternatives developed through its extensive R&D facilities in Germany and backed up with a global track record of successful project implementation.

IP-Bus: The isolated Parallel Bus system deploys multiple modules connected in parallel to provide highly reliable, fault tolerant and concurrently maintainable solutions operating in a manner that delivers high power security and low lifetime operational costs.

DeRUPS™: Unique to Piller is the DeRUPS™ application, an alternative to the conventional DRUPS scheme, where the diesel generator is electrically combined with the UPS either upstream or downstream with integrated controls to provide a powerful and multifunctional solution where the UPS and generator are physically separated. Such approach provides greater freedom in terms of the choice of engine size and manufacturer whilst allowing different resilience standards to be adopted for the UPS and generators. Additionally, by allowing independent maintenance of the system components availability is also improved. The POWERBRIDGE™ kinetic energy store is a key element of the DeRUPS™ configuration guaranteeing seamless operation between the generator and the UPS unit.

Recommended Data Centre Solution (UBT+ 560 PB & DeRUPS™)

In the development of a new-build Data Centre, where utilisation is unpredictable, the key considerations to ensure market differentiation and financial success are: reliability, modularity, flexibility, and efficiency. Adoption of a Piller UBT+ 560 with 16.5MJ POWERBRIDGE™ and separate electrically connected gen-sets (DeRUPS) provides an ideal solution delivering benefits exclusively available through Piller.

Reliability: The Piller UBT+ has an MTBF in excess of 1.3 million hours, an order of magnitude higher than the highest-quality static UPS solutions available.

Modularity: 560 kW for the UPS and configurable for the gen-set presents an ideal level of modularity for the power infrastructure.

Flexibility: Electrically coupling the gen-set to the rotary UPS and an energy storage device footprint typically 10% that of the alternative battery solution ensures good space saving and maximised use of revenue generating space.

Efficiency: With a full-load efficiency in excess of 97% (fully on-line with no ECO mode) and high partial-load efficiencies, the UBT+ ensures high PUE values and the lowest overall Total Costs of Ownership for the owner / operator.

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Piller rotary & diesel rotary UPS products

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Schematic of Piller UNIBLOCK™ UBT+ (with battery)
Reduced Engine Starts due to POWERBRIDGE™
IP-Bus Configuration
Piller DeRUPS™ Solution

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