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Piller UK - Rotary UPS - DeRUPS™

Diesel Rotary UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies - Compact High Efficiency - Medium Voltage

DeRUPS™ – Intelligent Control, Secure Power

The System of Choice for Data Centre Operators

Maintaining its reputation for innovation in the sphere of power conditioning, Piller is proud to unveil its latest offering which utilises the renowned UNIBLOCK™ Rotary UPS product in an alternative topology to provide fully-integrated, high-performance power supply solutions.

Piller’s unique DeRUPS™ system is proving to be the ideal UPS solution for Data Centre Operators needing systems that combine a small footprint with high reliability and maximum return on investment.

As an integrated, multifunctional system, DeRUPS™ provides an impressive range of benefits for Data Centre operation. Unlike a conventional DRUPS (Diesel Rotary UPS), DeRUPS™ electrically connects generated power to the UPS. The system involves physical separation of the standby generator from the Piller UNIBLOCK™ UPS modules. As well as eliminating the need for space-hungry batteries, DeRUPS™ offers a wider range of configuration options including IP-Systems, a complete freedom of engine choice and flexibility to install UPS and generators as and when the need arises.

By avoiding the use of batteries, the system drastically reduces the space required by 80% whilst improving reliability. DeRUPS™ uses POWERBRIDGE™ a flywheel kinetic energy storage system which gives Data Centre designers the opportunity not only to save on space, but also to maximise power density per unit. Absorbing energy at the same rate as it can dissipate; POWERBRIDGE™ both stabilises and guarantees smooth operation between generator and UPS unit, with no environmental battery disposal issues to manage.

Piller’s DeRUPS™ combines powerful operator benefits such as reduced footprint, higher efficiency, ease of maintenance and a more sustainable approach to create an impressively low Total Cost of Ownership.

The Topology of DeRUPS™

In its most conventional form, a Piller’s DeRUPS™ solution entails a single diesel generator electrically connected with a Rotary UNIBLOCK™ where the generator can be connected in the more conventional upstream position, or equally downstream to the UPS to provide additional security for the critical load.

However, with the removal of a mechanical connection between the diesel engine and the Rotary UPS, the level of flexibility is increased considerably. Ratings of the generators and the UPS no longer need to be matched, such that the individual ratings of each unit can be matched to address the optimal requirements in terms of price and performance. Generators can easily be centralised in a single power farm facility, with UPS modules distributed around a facility in a mixture of MV and LV configurations to suit individual circumstances.

The Benefits of DeRUPS™

Piller’s DeRUPS™ solution delivers an extremely flexible and versatile solution, which offers benefits to organisations not only at day-1, but also during the lifetime of the facility. Some of the very many benefits of DeRUPS™ technology are further described below:

Elimination of Batteries Increases Reliability
Experience shows that the major cause of failure in a UPS system is battery related. The replacement of batteries with a flywheel energy store delivering guaranteed autonomy significantly improves the reliability and availability of the solution. Furthermore, this “guaranteed autonomy” does not change throughout the 20-year service life of the product.

Reduced Capital & Operational Costs
A DeRUPS™ solution can deliver lower day-one capital costs than an equivalent battery-backed static UPS solution when the holistic costs of the facility are considered.

The adoption of high-efficiency UBT+ technology combined with the energy management features provided through the DeRUPS™ Controller, ensures optimised efficiency at all levels of load. Combine this with the fact that DeRUPS™ solutions have low maintenance requirements and an absence of consumable components (batteries, capacitors and fans etc.) and it can easily be demonstrated that these solutions offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership when compared with conventional battery-backed static solutions.

Space Savings to Enhancing Revenue Potential
The adoption of a flywheel-backed solution completely eliminates the requirements for batteries which require large dedicated air-conditioned space within a facility. Typically a DeRUPS™ solution can generate a space saving of up to 80% enabling the revenue generating potential of the business to be significantly increased.

By way of example, adopting a DeRUPS™ solution in place of a conventional battery-backed static UPS solution for a 2MW Data Centre (N+1 redundancy and 10 minute End of Life battery), could easily result in an additional white space floor area that would deliver over £600,000 per annum in additional revenue to the business.

DeRUPS™ delivers an integrated and flexible power supply solution in which reliability is greatly improved by eliminating batteries, regarded by many as the major cause of UPS failure in Data Centres.

Additionally DeRUPS™ solutions enable facilities to increase revenue generation and profitability due to the significant savings in space and reduced operational and maintenance costs, whilst ensuring reputations for secure and reliable service are enhanced.

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