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Vertiv - Static UPS Application Design Guidance

Static UPS - IGBT Semi-conductor - Rectifiers - N+1 Redundancy - Inverters

Static UPS systems provide continuous AC power protection by powering the system load via the inverter. This ensures that the voltage and frequency supplied to the system load remain within close tolerances. In the event of a mains failure, the inverter continues to support the system load, drawing its DC power from the system battery, many types of which are now available. Many developments have recently occurred by using IGBT semi-conductor technology, providing improved efficiency, self-monitoring, touchscreens and modular construction.

By using IGBT rectifiers, Vertiv static UPS systems draw power at near unity power factor. This minimises the input current required for any given load power and enables more real power to be drawn from an AC supply of a given current rating.

UPS systems are rarely operated at or near to full load, therefore the fact that the efficiency of Vertiv static UPS systems is maintained at almost the same high level from 100% load down to as low as 15% of system load becomes very significant to the overall running costs. UPS modules can be easily paralleled for increased power or for N+1 redundancy.

By using the modular approach, the ‘+1’ is a relatively small capacity enabling a high ratio of load to UPS capacity to be achieved. Modules can be incorporated with internal static switches and isolators to form 10kW to 3MW+ systems, with “hot” swappable systems which are able to service units without going to bypass.

Vertiv UPS systems with IGBT inverters can support any leading or lagging load power factor and all non-linear computer loads.

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Static UPS

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