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Unitrunk - Cable Management Systems - Technical Issues & Standards

Certificated Training - Galvanised - Stainless Steel - Electro-Zinc - CPD Presentations

Selecting the Correct Material

Cable management systems are predominantly supplied in four finishes:

  • Pre-Galvanised (BS EN 10346:2009)
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised (ISO 1461)
  • Stainless Steel (BS EN 10082-2:2005)
  • Electro-Zinc for cable baskets (ISO 4520:1981)

The important factor is to know when and where to specify which material.

Pre-Galvanised (BS EN 10346:2009)

Mild steel material pre-coated at the steel mill. Good resistance to rust in a dry indoor environment. Not recommended for use in humid or outdoor installations.

Hot Dipped Galvanised (BS EN 1461)

Generally, and commonly referred to as “galv after”, this is a mild steel material which is galvanised after the product has been manufactured. This process achieves a thicker coating of zinc which increases the products resistance to corrosion. Products made of this material are suitable for outdoor installations.

Stainless Steel

Used extensively in the process industry and where product is required in harsh environments:

304L: Specified for pharmaceutical and food industry. This is a tough corrosion-resistant grade.
316L: Specified for coastal environments or areas with a high saline content. Referred to as Marine Grade.

Stainless Steel is the only product of the four which will prevent the formation of Zinc Whiskers.

Electro-Zinc (ISO 4520:1981)

Used extensively in the manufacturing process for cable basket. The steel wires are cut and welded together to form the cable basket which is then passed through a zinc bath. An electrolytic process applies the zinc to the steel to provide its coating. Suitable for use in dry indoor environments. Not recommended for use in humid or outdoor installations.

Certificated Training - Cutting & Forming Cable Basket

To ensure that the cutting and forming process is completed safely and with a high degree of consistency, Unitrunk provide free on-site training. The training takes about 30 minutes to complete and covers all the aspects of cutting and forming that is likely to be required. The training is certificated, so everyone who attends and takes part receives a formal document to validate their participation. Additionally, attendee names will be added to a database that Unitrunk maintains and each Site Manager will receive a register for their records of all the operatives who have undertaken the training.

To date, Unitrunk has trained 600+ site operatives, none of whom had ever received any such instruction before. Unitrunk will provide – free of charge – a set of bolt croppers to all sites where training is undertaken to ensure the correct tool is being used. It is this level of support and accountability that enables the contractor to have complete peace of mind when using Unitrunk products. Unitrunk has also produced new cutting and bending video content. Please visit www.unitrunk.co.uk to view.

CPD Presentations

Unitrunk has three CIBSE accredited presentations:-
(i) Cable Management Systems “Minimise Volume, Maximise Potential”
(ii) Zinc Whiskers - Understanding the Issue & Appreciating the Solution
(iii) Understanding the Material Selection Process

To support the benefits that RIS (Rapid Installation Systems) products can provide, the content of both presentations has been compiled to enhance the opportunities to reduce the material content, ensure that the correct material is specified and increase awareness of value engineering options that would previously not have been considered.

With the advent of BIM Level 2, thoughtful and considered cable management specifications can have a significant effect on projects. Reducing the volume of material being used can only be achieved by having knowledge of the standards and applying that knowledge appropriately. Unitrunk encourages early engagement with the design team to maximise the opportunity for identifying and submitting any value engineering proposals to the client. The photograph shows a Unitrunk ladder being used as the support for cable basket and busbar. Secured by suspension wire, this solution saved 20% on material cost and 35% on labour.

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Cable Trays, Racks & Trunking

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