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Carlo Gavazzi UK - Energy Management

Energy Management - Metering Equipment - Energy Meter - VMU-C

Energy Management WM30 & WM40 Smart Power Quality Analyser

WM30 and WM40 offer fast communications for building automation networks using BACnet over RS485, TCP/IP or MS/TP, MODBUS TCP/IP.

The LCD touchpad screen is easily configured by the user, with all of the most critical parameters available at a glance.

Easy navigation through the comprehensive parameter list includes energy, currents, voltages, frequency, power, power factor and harmonic analysis, all in a compact plug-and-play modular unit.

Main Features

  • Accuracy ±0.2% RDG (current/voltage)
  • Variables readout: 3x4 digit
  • Energy readout: 10 digit
  • Current & voltage THD (up to 32nd harmonic)
  • Optional module for data communication: Modbus & BACnet (both RS485 or Ethernet) Profibus DPV0 & EtherNet/IP
  • Front protection degree IP65, NEMA4X, NEMA12
  • Optional analogue & digital outputs
  • Optional analogue & digital inputs (WM40)
  • Built-in data logger for instantaneous variables, dmd profiles & events (WM40)
  • Optical front communications port for software programming & data logging (WM40)

Energy Management Integrated Web-Based Solution for Energy Management Type VMU-C

VMU-C is a combination of modules which performs the monitoring of an Energy Management installation.

The core unit is VMU-C gathering data from up to 32 energy meters; the meters can be both AC or DC meters.

In addition to the data-logging, it also performs the management of local or remote (via VMU-M) VMU-O “I/O unit” and/or VMU-P “Environment variable unit” and provides an FTP push functionality.

VMU-C can also provide, by means of the VMU-O modules, relay alarm contacts and digital inputs (e.g. for status indication to sense the tripping of an automatic switch).

The VMU-W unit has the task of transmitting, with wireless modem technology, all the data when a wired LAN or Internet access is not available.

The FTP push function enables an FTP based communication from VMU-C to an external FTP server (owned by the enduser) to transmit, in a simple and standard way, a predefined set of data (using CVS format).

In this case, data is gathered and logged by VMU-C from the energy meters and VMU modules in the field and, following a schedule or a trigger, is grouped into a file and uploaded to the defined FTP server.

The upload action is repeated in case of failure.

In addition to the protocol, VMU-C can communicate data in M2M (machine to machine) scenario also via HTTP protocol.

Main Features

  • Integrated modular local monitoring system for Energy Management plants based on Webserver & FTP/push capability
  • Up to 8 DIN modules configuration equivalent to 140mm width
  • VMU-C EM can manage on RS485 bus up to 32 Energy Meters or Power Analysers
  • VMU-C EM can manage on local bus 1 VMU-W modem unit
  • VMU-C EM can manage on local bus up to 4 VMU units & up to 10 VMU-M based arrays on RS485 bus
  • Any VMU-M based arrays can manage up to max 1 VMU-P unit & max 3 VMU-O unit

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