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Danfoss Heating - Online eLessons

View the latest eLesson courses from Danfoss Heating:

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

In this eLesson you will get a basic introduction to the function and installation of thermostatic radiator valves (TRV). You will also get an overview of the products available within the Danfoss range of thermostatic valves, and get familiar with the energy saving potential of fitting TRVs.

Understanding Thermostatic Radiator Valves for Commercial Heating Systems

This eLesson will examine how to select, specify, and understand thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) for commercial heating systems.

Introduction to Hydronic Balancing

How to make a system operate as intended and thereby create a comfortable indoor climate and minimise costs in operation?

Learn how to recognise the problems that result from improper balancing, the difference between manual and automatic balancing and the products to choose for these two types of balancing.


In this eLesson you get a basic introduction to timers, an overview of the Danfoss range of timers. Also, you will get introduced to the main steps of installing and programming a timer.

Programmable Room Thermostats

In this eLesson you will gain a basic understanding of comfort controls and get to know requirements for control within building regulations. Also, you will get familiar with the Danfoss range of programmable room thermostats.

Understanding Differential Pressure Control Valves

This eLesson will examine how to select, specify, and understand Danfoss control valves.

Balancing Valves for Heating & Cooling Systems

This eLesson will examine how to select the correct valves for the application they are to be used in.

Introduction to Floor Heating

Whether you choose to install electrical or water based floor heating, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration.

This eLesson aims at giving you an overview of the all the factors in play: What influences the choice of floor heating solution? How to ensure the right comfort with floor heating? What are the basic steps for design of a system? You might have heard a lot of myths about floor heating. At the end of this eLesson, you can read about some myths and facts.

Features and Benefits of CF2+

This eLesson will take you through the different features of the CF2+ system and its benefits for customers and installers.

Automatic Balancing with Danfoss Dynamic Valve

Systems with little, or poor hydronic balance use significantly more energy. Balancing the heating system can save you complaints about noise and discomfort, and, a considerable amount of the buildings energy consumption.

This eLesson will give you an understanding of the challenges of constantly fluctuating conditions of heating systems, and, how automatic balancing solutions also referred to as two-pipe solutions can lead to better system operation and lower energy consumption.


This eLesson will give you a solid knowledge of different kind of pressures. You will also learn about pump pressures, pump characteristics and cavitation.

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