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LG Electronics - Tender Request

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Air Conditioning Heat Pumps - Architectural

LG’s ART COOL™ lets you express your individual style with your own artwork or photography, while efficiently cooling your living or work space.

Air Source Heat Pumps - Mechanical

LG's Multi V systems provide the owner with the benefits of VRF including lower operational costs & minimal or no duct work to install.

Air to Water Heat Pumps - Mechanical

LG’s air-to-water heat pumps are designed for indoor and outdoor applications, keeping your space comfortable all year round.

Water Source Heat Pumps - Mechanical

LG VRF water heat pumps are available in capacities from 6 tons to 48 tons and feature all heating or all cooling in zones at the same time.

Close Control / Data Centre AC - Mechanical

LG offer a variety of control systems and communication gateways for Multi V systems operation and interface.

Split / Multi-Split Systems - Mechanical

LG’s split and multi-split air conditioning units, designed for style and functionality, allow you to control the temperature in several spaces at once.

VRF / VRV Systems - Mechanical

LG’s quiet, stylish and ultra-efficient MULTI V air conditioning systems help make life cooler, more comfortable and a little more chic.

Heat Recovery - Mechanical

LG offers indoor air with high quality HVAC systems featuring high-efficiency heat exchangers & filters that effectively remove contaminants.

LG Electronics UK Ltd
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