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Vapour Flow Pyrosafe Vent Interactive Tool

Pyrosafe Vent

Smart Smoke Extractor Vent

The PyroSafe Vent inhibits the spread of smoke and fire through communal duct systems by compartmentalising a building when smoke is detected, either from the dwelling, or from the duct system.

A smart extractor vent using proven technologies in innovative ways, the PyroSafe Vent is a unique product with the ability to:

  • Detect smoke
  • Continuously measure heat & humidity levels
  • Seal the ventilation port to compartmentalise a dwelling
  • Seal the valve further in event of a local fire using an intumescent disc

Bluetooth connectivity allows for extensive remote testing of the unit, with the benefit of being able to test the unit without needing to access the building. The onboard 12 month memory data logger is also accessible via Bluetooth, allowing the user to download and then email data about humidity, testing and smoke detection. It also gives information on battery status and has Power Up/Power Down capability.

Vapour Flow Interactive Tool

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