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SOCOMEC - Frequently Asked Questions

View a list of frequently asked questions from Socomec:

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How do you set up the VSS+ DC?

The design of the equipment is based on "plug and play" with only one connection needed to the UPS direct current bus. The cabinet can be moved on a pallet truck. The equipment has wheels so it can be moved around.

What is the nominal speed of the VSS+ DC flywheels?

The rotating assembly rotates at more than 500,000 revolutions/minute.

What is the VSS+ DC?

The VSS+ DC is an innovative system for storing energy manufactured by PENTADYNE. It operates with the DELPHYS MP or MX UPS and has been designed as an alternative to using batteries, for the purposes of back-up.

How long is needed to recharge the VSS+ DC?

As a general rule, it takes approximately 2 minutes. The time depends on the power of the UPS charger. For certain applications, it is possible to obtain a back-up time of 20 seconds by adapting the UPS charger. If a fault occurs on the electrical grid during the recharging phase, the VSS+ DC will provide power with the energy available.

What is a Flywheel?

A flywheel is a "mechanical battery" which stores electrical energy using a rotating weight. The energy can be permanently tapped into. Just as a chemical battery is kept floating, a flywheel is kept in rotation by its connection with a direct current bus from the output of a UPS charger.

What is the service life of the VSS+ DC?

The VSS+ DC systems have been designed to last 10 years.

How many VSS+ DC systems can be set up in parallel?

During tests, 8 VSS+ DC systems were set up to operate in parallel on the direct current bus of a unitary UPS. However, it is possible to increase this number according to power needs and redundancy.

Can the VSS+ DC be controlled remotely?

The VSS+ DC can be controlled remotely via the local network or via a modem connected to a telephone line.

What is the maximum length of the remote control cable?

Maximum remote control cable length = 10m.
In case of longer distance, insert control relays

Which terminals can be ued to indicate when the ATyS is in AUT mode?

The ATyS 3e, 6e and 6m are equipped with a NO auxiliary contact which closes when the key is in the AUT position. The auxiliary contact for AUT status is located on terminals 43-44.

Is it possible to padlock the ATyS into any position?

In standard products, padlocking is only possible in position 0. For padlocking in all 3 positions, a factory fitted accessory is required which must be ordered at the same time as the switch (see your catalogue).

What is the power or watt loss of the ATyS electronic modules?

The power loss of the electronics module is insignificant when compared with the switch poles.

How can I define a busbar?

For a good definition of a busbar , please use the software "mechanical system"

What is the bridging kit reference for the COMO C?

The COMO C range of products is equipped with internal bridging in order to have a common output. Not reference available. Factory fitted.

Countis - When should I use MID meters?

European directive transcribed into national laws in the EU countries. Its application depends on each country and concerns only the EU. In general, all meters where a financial transaction occurs are concerned. Moreover, even if there is no financial transaction, a MID certified meter is always a better proof than a standard meter.

Do we have a solution to meter DC current for Countis?

No, we recommend you put the meter on the AC side of the UPS

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