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Selectaglaze - Product Applications

Selectaglaze has specialist experience in providing solutions for the following sectors:


Selectaglaze Product Range There are thousands of Churches in the UK and large numbers are in historic buildings. Changing times and lack of funding mean that many are being lost altogether. However there are opportunities to conserve and develop buildings for wider church and community use. Selectaglaze secondary glazing can provide sensitive treatments that will provide significant improvements to acoustic and thermal insulation.


Selectaglaze Product Range From primary and secondary schools through to colleges, universities and centres for adult education there is a consistent requirement for quiet and comfortable conditions that aid study and communication. Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems provide significant noise and thermal insulation and are also able to meet the needs of enhanced security.


healthcare Buildings used in Healthcare need to provide clean, controlled environments that also provide comfort and security. In addition the Health Estate has to consider its commitment to Carbon reduction and the increasingly high cost of energy. Selectaglaze secondary glazing can offer benefits to both existing and new buildings in a wide variety of locations.


housing There are millions of homes in the UK and whilst a large proportion can improve insulation levels by replacing windows this is not an allowable option for listed buildings or those in conservation areas. Selectaglaze secondary glazing is used extensively by large private estates and developers often working through architects, social housing providers, private landlords, and homeowners.

Hotels & Leisure

hotels & leisure Guests are attracted by Hotels that provide comfort and allow a good night’s sleep. Many clubs, pubs and concert halls must also be careful to avoid noise levels that disturb local neighbours. Secondary glazing is often the decisive factor in preserving the peace and quiet both inside and outside hotels and leisure venues. It will also make a significant contribution to comfort, safety and energy costs.

Museums & Libraries

museum & libraries The UK has a strong collection of Museums and Libraries many in architecturally significant buildings. Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems can help maintain controlled environments, limit the damage from Ultraviolet light, reduce noise nuisance in libraries and provide certified levels of security to meet MLA guidelines.


office range Offices need to provide comfortable conditions that allow for efficient working. A large number of offices are located within older city centre buildings that have thermally and acoustically inefficient glazing. Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems offer a very cost effective method of keeping the sounds of the city centre at bay, reducing draughts and improving thermal insulation.


Homeowner As a home owning nation we all want to make the most of our properties by improving the look and performance wherever we can. Windows can be the soul of a building and often the reason why we were first attracted to them, especially on more traditional properties with their very individual and sometimes ornate styling. Whist they may look good, these windows do not perform to our modern expectations and usually need a makeover to retain their curb-appeal. Read more...

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