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LG Electronics - Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps

Split Air Conditioners - Multi V VRF - ERV Heat Recovery - Therma - Monobloc

Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions

Have complete control of the indoor climate with HVAC systems from LG Electronics, 1kW ~ 224kW.

LG offers a comprehensive range of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and energy solutions, including building management systems.

Having manufactured their first air conditioner in 1968, LG has stayed at the forefront of air conditioning innovation and now have a complete range for both residential and commercial applications.

The range is innovative and technologically advanced to meet the specific needs of consumers.

Split Air Conditioners 1kW ~ 18kW

The ARTCOOL split systems are synonymous with LG.

Designed for style as well as functionality, the very stylish ARTCOOL wall mounted range includes a mirror wall unit and the user customised LED lighting ARTCOOL stylist to suit the ambience of any environment.

Featuring award winning design, split and multi-split systems from LG allow precise temperature control from a single room to several rooms at once.

Multi V VRF Commercial Systems

Multi V 5 (model ref: ARUM***LTE5) LG Electronics’ latest Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) solution launched in the UK in December 2016, is equipped with a host of technological advancements. These include a ‘Dual Sensing Control’ system, which monitors both temperature and humidity levels, reacting to both sensible and latent heat loads.

LG’s own 5th generation ultimate inverter compressor and a larger system capacity offering; with improved seasonal efficiencies, making Multi V 5 the ultimate climate control solution.

Equipped with LG’s exclusive Ocean Black Fin anti-corrosion coating, Multi V 5’s 4-side heat exchanger is protected to reduce the effects of corrosion normally found in coastal and industrial environments.

ERV Heat Recovery Ventilation 250 M³H ~ 2,000 M³H

LG’s HRV units feature high efficiency heat exchangers, with strong filters that remove contaminants effectively.

ERV can be standalone units and can connect to the LG Multi V VRF system.

Therma V Air-to-Water Heat Pumps 2kW ~ 16kW

Affordable heating and eco-conscious air-to-water heat pumps are increasing in demand for both new build and replacement heating systems.

Therma V Monobloc is the true all-in-one heat pump system, containing the plate heat exchanger, water pump, electric heater and expansion tank (not 3kW).

The Split Therma V consists of the outdoor unit and the indoor heat exchanger, and is available in low temperature 3kW ~ 16kW and high temperature 16kW only.

The outdoor unit can be up to 50m away from the indoor unit which can be placed anywhere in the building as there is no need for a flue.

Therma V systems from LG are inverter controlled, need very little maintenance, are quiet in operation and can heat the water in the tank up to 48°C. It is possible to combine LG Therma V with solar heating.

Therma V outdoor units’ aluminium coils are treated with LG’s patented Gold Fin™ anti-corrosive epoxy treatment for pro-longed life span. This also maintains excellent heat transfer properties.

Therma V also come with 7 years free parts and labour extended warranty.

Heat Pumps

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