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LG Electronics - Therma V Heat Pump System

Therma V - Heat Pump - All-in-One Monobloc - Selection Program - MCS Sizing

Therma V Air-to-Water Heat Pump

LG’s Therma V heat pump system, available as split or monobloc types, absorbs heat from the outside ambient air. The absorbed heat is used to heat hot water for the wet central heating system and domestic hot water.

Energy Efficiency & Cost

Therma V is a highly efficient product with a maximum COP 4.49 (A7/W35, 12kW) – the COP of a traditional heating system is typically lower then 1.0

The TRUE all-in-one Monobloc

True all-in-one as all of the key components are in the outdoor unit.

Electric heater, expansion tank, plate heat exchanger and A-class water pump. Providing simplicity to the installer, no refrigerant piping, less time spent onsite and easy access by removal of the front panel for future maintenance and space saving and lower noise for the end user (due to all components being situated in the outdoor unit).

Product Durability

All of LG’s outdoor units come complete with Gold Fin™ anti-corrosive acryl resin treatment on the aluminium heat exchanger coil. Gold Fin™ is long lasting, durable and makes the outdoor unit look prestigious, extending the product life.

Not having to apply additional coating will again save on installers time and costs. Therma V is ideal for properties in coastal areas.

Therma V Selection Program

A simple selection program producing professional reports with as much or as little information as required, providing end users with estimated cost and energy savings. The Therma V selection program includes MCS sizing rules for air-to-water heat pumps with design criteria -1.8°C, London.

Enables the user to select the right unit to produce the correct heat output at a chosen location.

General Considerations

Placing your outdoor air-to-water heat pump unit:

  • If a sunroof is built over the unit preventing direct sunlight or rain exposure, make sure that heat radiation from the heat exchanger is not restricted
  • Take weight of the unit into account – the surface of the ground or the structure must be strong enough to bear the weight
  • Ensure there is adequate space around the front, back and sides of the unit
  • Do not place animals or plants in the direct path of warm air from the unit
  • Select a place where noise and vibration are minimal

LG MV - Mobile Service & Monitoring

Features and efficiencies are important in any product, but LG also pride themselves on the flexibility of products that support the engineers looking after the equipment. LG MV is a monitoring tool used to interface with LG systems, for diagnosis and operation monitoring, LG MV mobile is a flexible solution that allows a point to point WiFi connection to mobile devices.

Exactly the same as LG internal engineer’s use, the mobile version used with LG equipment offers a complete commissioning, setup and data recording from a hands-free approach.

Allowing engineers an insight into LG systems with minimal effort.

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Therma V

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