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Mitsubishi Electric - Heat Pumps for Heating

Low Carbon Heating - Air Source Heat Pumps - Air to Water Heat Pumps - Residential Heating - Commercial Heating

Ecodan® Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced the future of viable, mass market, low carbon domestic and commercial heating with the award-winning Ecodan® air source heat pump systems.

The Ecodan range offers complete flexibility and scalability with models able to work independently or together to offer from 4kW to 960kW of heating capacity.

Ecodan provides both homes and commercial premises a viable, low carbon alternative to gas and oil heating and is suitable for both new-build and retro-fitting. Ecodan can also be added to existing heating systems to allow buildings to achieve renewable energy targets.

Ecodan provides a truly viable alternative to traditional carbon-intensive methods of heating, which is easy to install and reduces both CO2 and running costs compared to other forms of heating.

Manufactured in Scotland and the Far East, Ecodan is accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and offers homes and commercial properties a viable, low carbon alternative to gas and oil heating.

The new fifth generation of domestic models is specifically designed for the UK. Ecodan is as ‘plug and play’ as possible, quiet, inverter controlled to regulate energy consumption. Equally important in these days of fuel poverty, Ecodan can reduce a home’s fuel bills compared with oil, older gas boilers, LPG and direct electric.

The latest advanced range of cylinders includes a completely new way of heating the water in domestic situations, using a plate heat exchanger and patented Scale-Stop technology to eliminate the effect of lime scale.

Mitsubishi Electric has also introduced remote energy monitoring on every Ecodan that leaves the factory, with the company believing that this is key to demonstrating the effectiveness of heat pumps and helping homeowners qualify for incentive payments.

Ecodan runs on a single-phase electrical circuit and delivers these levels of efficiencies over gas, even when the inefficiencies of the National Grid are taken into account. As greener sources of electricity become available, the efficiency (and cost) gap between Ecodan and other forms of heating will grow.

Easy to install, maintain and operate, Ecodan is also the only UK- manufactured air source heat pump to have been awarded the prestigious Eco-Label because of its environmental credentials. It remains the only domestic heat pump to be endorsed with the Noise Abatement Society’s Quiet Mark.

In June 2013, an Energy Saving Trust report into 23 Ecodan installations in the UK showed that the heat pumps demonstrated average estimated annual operating cost savings of 8% over gas, 26% over oil and 67% over direct electric heating.

Ecodan is also eligible for both the domestic and non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive which is designed to shorten the payback period for renewable technologies.

Residential Heating

Domestically, Ecodan is the only UK-manufactured air source heat pump to include energy monitoring as standard, and now includes a more efficient plate heat exchanger which increases heat up efficiency by 17% over previous models, as well as a complete new range of cylinders which focus on improvements in heat loss performance, hot water recovery efficiency and time; and ease of installation and use.

Ecodan is also the only air source heat pump to have been awarded the Noise Abatement Society’s prestigious Quiet Mark.

Thousands of Ecodan systems have now been installed in old and new homes across the UK, from the Isle of Skye to the Isle of Wight, and in buildings as diverse as modern flats and executive homes to two hundred year old houses and tower blocks.

Commercial Heating

The Ecodan CAHV air source heat pump system delivers reliable heating with design flexibility and comes in units of 43kW (@ -3ºC) to offer space heating and sanitary hot water up to 70ºC. It is also available with multiple unit control to provide 688kW of renewable heating.

The Ecodan CAHV unit is already in use in schools and commercial premises such as showrooms to provide reliable, renewable heating. It is also acting as a community heating system for 24 flats built by a homeless charity in London and is being specified in more projects as the full potential of the product’s adaptability is realised.

For ground and water source situations, the Ecodan CRHV is capable of delivering up to 960kW of renewable heating and water flow temperatures of up to 65ºC from a variety of sources, including waste recovered heat.

The inverter-driven Ecodan CRHV monobloc heat pump can operate singularly, or be banked together to create a system that can modulate and cascade available units on and off to meet the load from a building.

This level of modulation is unprecedented within the heating industry and with cascade and rotation built in as standard, the Ecodan CRHV system is perfectly suited to a wide range of commercial applications.

District & Community Heating

With the official opening of Kingston Heights by Edward Davey MP, Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment, heat pumps have demonstrated that they can provide effective, low carbon solutions to community heating schemes.

The development uses Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced water sourced heat pumps to provide heating and hot water to 136 modern apartments as well as heat and cool a 142-bed hotel – all supplied with renewable energy from the River Thames.

The Benefits of Using Ecodan:

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