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Knauf Exterior Systems

Knauf exterior systems have been developed in close conjunction with the construction industry in order to offer simple and effective solutions for the façades and exterior wall markets. This includes accredited and innovative Solid SFS infill systems and ThermaFrame ventilated systems, which can be tailored to meet project-specific design and performance requirements. Most recently Knauf also developed a complete SFS infill system solution, tested according to BRE 135, making it the only manufacturer offering a complete through wall solution suitable for buildings above 18m.

Solid SFS Infill Systems

Knauf Solid SFS is a fast-track external walling solution constructed using lightweight cold-rolled galvanized steel sections. A variety of sizes and gauges are available to provide a cost effective solution for the individual project requirements. It is ideally suited to a wide range of projects including residential, commercial and public developments, as well as refurbishment projects, particularly those which involve sub-division of buildings, conversions or roof extensions.

Knauf Solid SFS systems can be used in a variety of external and internal applications:

Earthwool Omnifit Slab

Earthwool OmniFit Slab is a multi-purpose, flexible, non-combustible, glass mineral wool slab, engineered for additional robustness, and specifically designed for installation by friction fitting between steel frame studs.

Earthwool RainScreen Slab

Knauf Earthwool RainScreen Slab for the thermal insulation of rainscreen cladding systems. The slab is a semi-rigid, lightweight, non-combustible rock mineral wool slab containing a water repellent additive, specifically designed for use in rainscreen cladding systems.

PIR Insulation

Knauf PIR insulation board is a high performance PIR insulation board BRE 135 and BS8414 certified and therefore suitable for use on external walls in buildings higher than 18 metres.

Windliner Sheathing Board

Knauf Windliner has been developed to provide protection against the weather for the outer face of either the Knauf Solid SFS stud or Knauf ThermaFrame stud. The boards are lighter than a traditional cement particle board and are easy to cut on site with the simple score and snap method. They are also fixed without difficulty using specialist low-profile headed fixings, with no pre-drilling required.

Knauf ThermaFrame

Knauf ThermaFrame is a fast-track SFS system constructed using lightweight cold-rolled galvanized steel sections. The Knauf ThermaFrame studs have a unique design which greatly reduces thermal bridging due to the slots formed within the web. This is achieved through an increase of the heat path, therefore reducing the thermal bridge. In addition, the ThermaFrame system has been designed to meet the future requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes as well as current Building Regulations and Technical Handbooks. In many cases, ThermaFrame also reduces the thickness of the overall solution, providing you with a greater amount of internal space.

Through Wall Solid SFS Infill Systems

Knauf has developed a complete infill solution for external walls. The Through Wall Solid SFS System uses Knauf solid SFS infill system, Knauf PIR high performance insulation boards and/or non-combustable rock slab insulation and Knauf Windliner sheathing board. The system is BRE 135 compliant and BSN8414 certified making it suitable for buildings above 18m. Knauf also offers a technical service to calculate U-values and determine the adequate combination of insulation to suit any fire rating requirement.

Façades Design Service

SFS projects can be designed by our in-house façades technical team to give a complete value engineered solution. Drawings provided as part of the indicative design pack can be used for tender purposes by main contractors. Once the SFS system is added, 2D elevations, 3D models and a detailed material schedule will be provided, ready for installation.

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