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Acrovyn Impact Protection Systems - Wall & Door Protection - Corner Guards - Protective Sheet

Impact Protection Systems

CS Acrovyn range offers stylish and effective protection solutions for building interiors, helping to reduce the effects of impact damage and building maintenance costs.

The range includes:

CS Acrovyn® Handrails

  • Approved Document M compliant handrails for use in public access areas
  • Acrovyn®, timber & stainless steel options

CS Acrovyn® Combined Hand/Crash Rails

  • Products offering pedestrian support & impact protection
  • Rapid Fix mounting brackets for ease & speed of installation
  • Anti-ligature options for use in Mental Health Units

CS Acrovyn® Crashrails & Bumper Guards

  • Models ranging from light duty rub rails to severe duty crash rails
  • Choice of profile depths & stand-offs to suit project requirements

CS Acrovyn® Corner Guards

  • A range of sizes & duty ratings to suit project requirements
  • Acrovyn®, rubber, stainless steel & clear acrylic options

CS Acrovyn® Bed Locators

  • Used to prevent damage to walls & wall mounted equipment at the bed head
  • A range of styles, configurations & stand-offs

CS Acrovyn® Textured Sheet

  • Durable sheet used to protect interior surfaces from impact damage
  • Integral colour & impervious surface
  • Can be thermoformed & easily cut to design shapes

CS Acrovyn by Design®

  • Bespoke protection for building interiors incorporating graphics or imagery
  • Durable & scratch resistant finish

CS Acrovyn® Wall Protection Panels

  • Panels comprise Acrovyn® Sheet mounted to a rigid board
  • Easy installation using construction adhesive

CS Acrovyn® Doors & Doorsets

  • Durable doors and doorsets post-formed or fully encapsulated in an impact resistant Acrovyn Sheet
  • BM TRADA Q-Mark certification can be supplied for fire rated options (30 min & 60 min)
  • A range of door construction types, configuration & colour options

CS Acrovyn® Door & Frame Protection

  • Solutions for partial door protection including: kick plates, push plates, door edge protectors, door facings & frame protection

Other CS Products include:

  • CS Pedisystems® Entrance Matting Systems
  • CS Wallglaze® Performance Coatings
  • CS Allway® Expansion Joint Covers
  • CS Supertrak® Plus Cubicle Curtain Track
  • CS Louvres Architectural Louvre Systems
  • CS Airfoil® Solar Shading Systems
  • CS Explovent® Explosion Venting Systems

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