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Telling Architectural - GRC, Rainscreens & Steel Walling

GRC - Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete - Byggimpuls - Façade - Rainscreens - Cladding - Steel Walling

GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete)

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a thin walled, lightweight composite concrete manufactured with sand, cement, polymers and alkali resistant fibres to create panels with excellent flexural strength and life expectancy.

The versatility of GRC promotes the creation of bespoke and monolithic large format façades.

Telling is manufacturing Byggimpuls GRC under an exclusive license agreement to the same exacting Scandinavian standards.

Telling GRC has the following design criteria:

  • An individual, original & adventurous statement in façade architecture
  • A monolithic & solid façade geometry for architecture in lightweight & practical components
  • A façade imposing less loadings on the structure in comparison to pre-cast concrete or reconstituted stone solutions
  • Pre-formed corners, returns, soffits, curves & sweeping aesthetics as part of the desired solution
  • Significant cantilever potential with secondary support structures engineered to accommodate the applied loads
  • A mineral surface & colour that has natural variation
  • A unique method for incorporating brick finishes mechanically attached and weighing circa 100 kgs/m²
  • Provides seamless interfacing with external balcony features & other architectural features within the façade solution
  • Varied options in surface relief & pattern creation including brick facings or geo polymer brick/stone effects


Rainscreen systems can be used in new build and refurbishment upon traditional substrates of concrete or block, on light gauge steel/timber framing, unitised in a curtain wall or fixed to composite panels.

Natural minerals provide the aesthetic from smooth-faced natural clay tile, ‘structured’ or glazed ceramic, polished or matt porcelain, multi-coloured glass, textural and decorative GRC, natural and ultra-compact stone, glazed or natural brick.

Building corners and linings to windows can be prefabricated monolithically, created with powder coated aluminium pods or mitred.

The systems are designed without gaskets, pressure clips or seals that deteriorate within the design life of the system.

They will not creep under thermal expansion and the fasteners are mechanical to ensure their integrity in fire.

Fire barriers are inserted at every storey height on structures above 18 metres in height to prevent the spread of flame whilst ventilation and drainage of the cavity are not inhibited.

Fire Performance: Every component is non-combustible.

Finish/Colour: Smooth, grooved, textured, polished – natural, glazed, metallic and stone effects.

Thickness: 6-80mm.

Texture: Profiled, riven and sand blast.

Fasteners: Aluminium or steel mechanically fixed clips and anchors – visible or invisible. The number and location of fasteners is variable, according to system weight and span.

Joint Width: Variable 6-15mm.

Principles of Rainscreen Cladding

  • Back-ventilated
  • Cavity air gap - 25-50mm
  • Vents with a cross sectional area of 50cm² per metre length of wall
  • Gasket free design
  • Unobstructed air flow

Steel Walling

Telling Architectural hold extensive knowledge of lightweight steel walling systems built on site or prefabricated to receive rainscreen claddings, whether in new construction or remodelling. Whilst the cost of the steel is a factor, the efficiency of the design, evaluation of the through wall performance and structural awareness are vital to creating an affordable, high performance walling.

Secondary Support/Framing System

Rainscreen on lightweight steel walls with aluminium ‘Z’ rails and 112 x 40 x 2mm vertical top hat section at centres which is determined by the tile module selected.

Rainscreens on masonry brackets and ‘T’ sections. Sections determined by insulation thickness. Stainless steel aluminium rivets.

Material: Aluminium. Fasteners: Stainless steel self-tapping anchors.


  • Clips, brackets, rails & support components
  • Aluminium corner profile - a variety of sections in mill, anodised or powder coated aluminium & stainless steel
  • Thermal isolator pads & window liners
  • Mitred & fabricated corner sections
  • Secret fix aluminium feature profiles
  • Perforations & water jet cut service outlets

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GRC & Rainscreens

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