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Gilberts (Blackpool) - High Performance Weather Louvres

High Performance Weather Louvres – Selection Criteria

High Performance Louvre Specifications


Gilberts offers an inventive range of high performance louvres with the WH and WP Series. Conventional louvres offer a balanced design, combining a high free area (around 50%) with good all round weather protection.

For more sensitive applications where limited water ingress is important, a high performance louvre is an essential option, especially for units in exposed areas with high wind or rain factors.

High Performance Louvre

The traditional approach to high performance louvre design has been to bank conventional louvre panels into double or even triple bank assemblies.

Whilst effective, this can incur significant penalties in terms of size, weight, cost and pressure resistance.

Our patented WH Series represent a radical new departure in terms of high performance louvre, offering a simple single bank louvre assembly with outstanding weather resistance.

Little removed from a standard louvre unit in terms of physical size or weight, testing in accordance with European Standard: BS EN 13030 for weather louvre performance shows the WH unit, for example, to be 99.5% effective in screening/exhaust applications and 99% effective even with face velocities of up to 0.5m/sec.

Efficiency Graph

The performance graphs are designed to illustrate the effectiveness of the louvre under differing selection parameters.

All testing was conducted in accordance with European Standard: BS EN 13030 i.e. simulated conditions of 13m/sec (30mph) wind speed with heavy rain. Even at extremes of selection, the units offer excellent weather protection.

Similarly, the pressure loss graph clearly indicates the minimal pressure losses incurred by the WH design/profile. Performance at this level ranks the units alongside the very best in performance louvres and adds an interesting new dimension to louvre choice.


From the European Standard: BS EN 13030, louvres will be classified using both the COEFFICIENT OF ENTRY or DISCHARGE (CE or CD) and a water penetration rate.

Classifications are as follows:

Gilberts High Performance Weather Louvres Classification

The water repellent classifications are as follows:

Gilberts High Performance Water Repellent Classification

i.e. 0.99 EFFECTIVENESS = 99% water repellent efficiency. The combined classification would have the water repellent class reference first, followed by the co-efficient of entry or discharge i.e. A - 2 (up to 1m/s face velocity).

Test Results

All Gilberts louvres have been subject to simulated weather conditions at BSRIA which follow the requirements and specification of European Standard: BS EN 13030. All graphs and information are developed from test results.

The WH/75 louvre assemblies have a CD/CE of approximately 0.3

The WP/75 louvre assemblies have a CD/CE of approximately 0.27

WH/75 = Class A3 up to 0.5 m/s

WP/75 = Class B3 up to 0.5 m/s

Gilberts HEVAC Member

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Weather Louvres

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