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A global manufacturer and supplier of specialist building products, CS has been working in Healthcare, Commercial, Education, Transport, Leisure, Retail and Industrial sectors in the UK for over 40 years. We collaborate closely with architects, contractors and building owners to find solutions to building maintenance problems, and offer project support at every stage.

Our range of CS Wallglaze® Performance Coatings has been specified for some of the most challenging environments due to its resilience, durability, hygienic qualities and ease of maintenance.

The range includes:

CS Wallsheen™

Our water-based coating creates a durable, easy to maintain finish with anti-microbial properties, resisting MRSA, E-coli and other types of bacteria and fungi. Easy to apply, the system cures with a low odour and is suitable for interior environments. It can be cleaned regularly with mild cleaning agents throughout its life, without degradation to surface or performance.

Typical Application Areas:

  • Reception areas, classrooms, general storage areas & light/medium use circulation areas
  • Hospital wards, cat. 1 ACDP clean rooms/laboratories
  • Food & pharmaceutical process areas requiring finishes with medium chemical resistance
  • Schools - classrooms
  • Kitchens (indirect steam), cafeterias

CS Wallflex®

This highly durable and versatile coating can be used in both dry and wet environments. Wallflex® is 99.5% solvent free, has very low odour and VOC (volatile organic compounds), anti-microbial properties and high chemical and abrasion resistance. It can also be decontaminated from radioactivity.

Suitable for interior or exterior use, this two-pack polyurethane system will withstand repeated cleaning with alkaline detergents, antiseptics and intermittent mild fumigation treatments throughout its long lifecycle of 10-15 years.

Typical Application Areas:

  • Hospital operating theatres, treatment rooms, cat. 1-3 ACDP clean rooms/laboratories & X-ray areas
  • Food & pharmaceutical process areas requiring finishes with high chemical resistance
  • Swimming pool halls, changing areas, bathrooms & shower rooms
  • Prisons & police stations – cells & communal areas
  • Kitchens – live steam/steam cleaning (system incl. fibreglass option)

CS Armourglaze™

The most resilient of our coating systems, Armourglaze™ creates a tough, impermeable, tile-like surface finish designed to cope with aggressive chemical environments. This two-pack solvent based polyurethane coating has a very high resistance to chemicals and abrasion, and incorporates non-leaching anti-microbial agents for a hygienic finish. The system can also be used as an anti-graffiti or anti-carbonation coating, and is suitable for interior or exterior areas.

Armourglaze™ is formulated to cope with most stringent cleaning regimes and can be cleaned repeatedly with alkaline detergents, antiseptics and fumigation treatments, without any degradation to surface or performance.

Typical Application Areas:

  • Mortuaries, cat. 3-4 ACDP clean rooms / laboratories
  • Veterinary facilities & zoos
  • Food & pharmaceutical process areas – very high chemical resistance
  • Exterior & interior building walls requiring anti-graffiti protection
  • Prisons & police stations
  • Car parks
  • Swimming pool hall walls
  • Plant rooms

Fibreglass Reinforcement

Where greater resistance to impact, abrasion or steam cleaning is required, fibreglass reinforcement can be incorporated into our Wallglaze® systems.

Light Fibreglass Reinforcement

Applied in a single layer, FG Light offers improved impact resistance of the coating and is particularly useful where the existing wall surface may incorporate old minor cracking or unevenness. It is suitable for use with all Wallglaze® systems. In addition, decorative patterns in light fibreglass tissue are available for use with Wallsheen®.

Heavy Fibreglass Reinforcement

A dual gauge fibreglass system providing the ultimate in impact resistance and durability, which in many cases allows direct coating over heavily cracked and uneven wall surfaces. FG Heavy can be incorporated within Wallflex® or Armourglaze™ systems.


A selection of primers is offered to facilitate the application of Wallglaze® systems to a variety of substrates.


All systems can be supplied in any BS 4800, RAL Classic or NCS 2nd Series colours as standard. Colour can also be matched to project requirements.

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