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ARDEX - Polyurethane Floor Screeds & Epoxy Floor Screeds

Epoxy Coating - Rapid Drying Industrial Topping - Pre-levelling Base Mix - Tack Coat - Priming & Bonding Agent

ARDEX R 35 E High Build Solvent Free Epoxy Coating

Solvent free, high build epoxy resin floor coating which provides a tough, hard wearing, easily cleaned surface in industrial environments where a degree of higher resistance to chemical attack is required.


The values shown are typical of results obtained in the laboratory at 20ºC. Actual performance values obtained on site may vary from those quoted.

Physical Properties: @ 20ºC Approx.
Pot Life: 30 mins
Time Between Coats: 8 - 24hrs
Walkability: 24 hrs Fully Cure: 7 days
Dry Film Thickness: 200 microns per coat
Coverage: A 6kg unit will cover 15 - 20m² per pack per 200 micron coat.
A two coat application is recommended.

Note: These figures are theoretical, due to wastage and the variety and nature of substrates practical coverage figures may be reduced.

Standard Colours:
Mid Green, Mid Grey, Light Grey, Mid Blue, Tile Red, Safety Yellow

ARDEX K 80 Rapid Drying Industrial Topping/Wearing Surface

Self-levelling, rapid hardening and drying concrete topping, gives a hard, smooth, flat, wearing surface.

Coverage: Approx. 1.65kg ARDEX K 80 powder/m²/mm, e.g. one 25kg bag will cover approximately 3.25m² at 5mm thick

Technical Data

Working Time at 20ºC approx: 30 minutes
Flow Life at 20ºC approx: 10 minutes
Initial Sat (Vicat) approx: 1½ hours
Final Set (Vicat) approx: 2 hours

Typical Compressive Strength:
1 day 14 N/mm²
7 days 20 N/mm²
28 days 32 N/mm²

Flexural Strength in Accordance With EN 196:
1 day 3.8 N/mm²
7 days 5.8 N/mm²
28 days 9 N/mm²

Ball Pressure Hardness:
1 day 60 N/mm²
7 days 65 N/mm²
28 days 90 N/mm²

Abrasion Resistance: The abrasion resistance of ARDEX K 80, when measured in accordance with BS 8204, was rated as at least AR1

ARDEX SD-T B Pumpable Sub-floor Pre-levelling Base Mix

Advanced pumpable base mix, designed to rapidly level uneven concrete bases prior to applying ARDEX K 80.

Coverage: Approx. 1.87kg ARDEX SD-T B base mix powder/ m² / mm, e.g. one bag will cover approximately 1.3m² at 10mm thickness.

Technical Data

Weight of Fresh Mortar approx: 2.16kg/litre
Working Time at 20ºC approx: 15 minutes
Flow Time at 20ºC approx: 10 minutes
Initial Set (Vicat) approx: 1½ hours
Final Set (Vicat) approx: 2 hours
Compressive Strength (EN 196): 28 days approx. 30 N/mm²


ARDEX R 8 P Polyurethane Tack Coat

Physical Properties

Pot Life: 20 minutes @ 20ºC
Open Time: 8 hours @ 20ºC
Coverage: A 2.4kg until will cover approximately 8 - 12m² depending on the porosity of the background.

ARDEX R 3 E Solvent Free Epoxy Primer

Physical Properties

Working Time: 20 mins @ 20ºC Approximately
Walkability: 6 - 8 hours
Overcoating: Minimum 6 hours to maximum 24 hours
Coverage: Approximately 24m² per 6kg unit

Note: The above coverage figures will vary depending on the texture and absorbency of the substrate

ARDEX P 51 Priming & Bonding Agent

Physical Properties

Coverage: 5kg ARDEX P 51 diluted with 3 volumes of water is sufficient for priming approximately 100 square metres.

5kg ARDEX P 51 diluted with an equal volume of water is sufficient for priming approximately 35 square metres.

Note: The above coverage figures will vary depending on the texture and absorbency of the substrate.

Packaging & Storage: Available in 25kg, 5kg and 1kg units protect from frost and direct sunlight.

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