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UK Flood Barriers - Flood Defences

Flood Defence - Flood Barrier - Flood Defences - Flood Dam

UK Flood Barriers is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Kitemarked flood resistance and resilience solutions for homes and businesses including brick, door and sewage defence.

Established in 2007, as well as unrivalled experience in property level protection, UKFB has also been selected to deliver over 50 Local Authority Community Schemes. Its enviable reputation for quality and service was further reinforced with the delivery of the £4.4m Cockermouth barrier scheme and overseas projects in USA, France and Malaysia.

Its innovative Flood Angel products are designed, manufactured and fully tested here in the UK and through a training accreditation scheme operated in conjunction with the British Plumbers Employers Council (BPEC), provides a national network of fully trained and qualified installers. Working with already established ‘local’ certified businesses ensures installers have a hands-on appreciation of the issues faced by the community.

Recognised as the sector leader, UKFB is the only flood defence company to offer complete ‘end to end’ domestic and commercial solutions backed up with a certified product and installation service.

UK Flood Barriers is the exclusive distributor of GFDS flood defence products in the UK.

UK Flood Barriers Flood Angel® Product Range

Door Defence Solutions

UK Flood Defences - Door Defence SolutionsFlood Angel® Flood Defender™ has the BSI kitemark accreditation. This superior flood defence barrier is a bespoke, made to measure product. Suitable for either standard inward or outward opening doors, the system can be produced using five different fixing systems so that it can be fitted to virtually any door opening.

Brick Defence Systems

UK Flood Barriers - Brick Defence SystemsAvailable in 5 standard colours, the Flood Angel® Anti-flood Airbrick is the worlds first BSI Kitemark accredited. (PAS 1188-1:2009)

Anti-flood Airbrick Cover

UK Flood Defences - Anti-flood Airbrick CoverThe Flood Angel® Anti-flood Airbrick Cover is BSI Kitemark accredited (PAS 1188-1:2009).

Sewage Defence Solutions

UK Flood BarriersThe Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve is the UK’s only adaptable non-return valve that gives the benefit of passive protection due to the integral self-activating flap powered by the flood water.

The Flood Angel® Backwater Valve (50mm), An anti-flooding device protecting interiors from flooding caused by backflow of sewage. Such risk exists most frequently in sanitary drain systems connected to combined and other sewage systems.

Flood Angel® Toilet Bung - U bend toilet bung is a simple, inflatable device used to prevent sewage backflow coming back... read more

The Flood Angel® Flash Flood Door range is the only patented product range which carries the full BSI kitemark... read more

Associated Products

  • Flood Angel® Silicone
  • Flood Angel® Tanking Polymer
  • Flood Angel® Waterstop
  • Flood Angel® Flood Alarm
  • Flood Angel® Sanitiser

The Self Closing Flood Barrier Range

UK Flood Barriers - Self Closing Flood BarrierThe Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) is the world's most effective passive flood defence system... read more

The Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) Mini (1m) and Midi (2.5m) systems are automatically deployed by rising flood water... read more

The FloodBreak® barrier is a bespoke, automatic floodgate with unlimited scope to protect major infrastructure... read more

The twin-wing Tsunami Barrier is the ultimate solution to protect lower situated and densely populated coastal... read more

Other services available from UK Flood Barriers include:

  • Flood training courses
  • Flood testing facility
  • Creating flood plans
  • Flood risk assessments

Flood Defender™ Door

UK Flood Barriers - Flood Defender DoorWorking with industry specialists, UK Flood Barriers have designed the "Next Generation Flood Door" Flood Angel® Flood Defender ™ Door which is a domestic flood proof door that holds three Kitemarks... read more

The Flood Defender™ Door has unique one-way weep vents at the bottom of the door to prevent pooling and can be manufactured bespoke to a variety of widths and heights and is suitable for use on:

  • single inward opening doors
  • single outward opening doors
  • double outward opening doors

UK Flood Barriers

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UK Flood Barriers Product Range - Flood DefenderSingle Flood Defender Barrier

UK Flood Barriers Product Range - Flood Angel AirbrickFlood Angel® Airbrick available in various colours

UK Flood Barriers Product Range - Flood Angel AirbrickFlood Angel® Airbrick with unique passive self activating gate

UK Flood Barriers Product Range - Flood Angel Backwater ValveFlood Angel® Backwater Valve 50mm

UK Flood Barriers Product Range - Flood Angel Steel DoorsFlood Angel® SteelDoors - flood protection doors

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